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How Can I Keep My Live Tree Watered?

Keeping Your Live Tree Hydrated

If you have a live tree at Christmas you will want to make sure that your Christmas tree is kept well watered. If you don't want to worry about checking the water level of your tree daily and watering it daily using a watering can, you may wish to invest in a cool little accessory known as a Christmas tree waterer.

For less than $30, you can buy a waterer that resembles Santa Claus' boots and attach it to your tree stand by placing the probe or tubing into the Christmas tree stand and setting the cute little pair of boots next to the tree, fill the boots with water and squeeze an item on the tubing that starts the water flow. Once this is done, you will not have to worry about keeping your tree watered for ten days.

You can also purchase a Christmas tree waterer that resembles a Christmas present. Guests to your home will never know the cute little boots or package is actually the item that is keeping your fresh Christmas tree well watered. You can find waterers such as these online at select Christmas merchants.

What are my choices in Christmas tree toppers?

Christmas Tree Toppers

Picking the perfect Christmas tree topper is important. It's usually the finishing touch on your decorated Christmas tree. For many people this topper will become a family heirloom and will be passed down from one generation to the next.

Christmas tree toppers usually come in the form of an angel or a star but there are other tree toppers out there if you wish to go a bit less traditional. If you are a country-western fan then perhaps a cowboy hat tree topper should adorn your tree? It's a fun way to show your love of all things country.

You may also wish to simplify the way your tree top looks by using a simple red bow Christmas tree topper. You can even purchase long red velvet bows, in the size of your choice, for this very purpose and the price is very minimal. Not only is a single red bow a neat way to top your tree, it's also very economical.

You can also make your Christmas tree toppers using feathers (peacock or ostrich) and some craft wire to mold into the shape you want to place on the top of your tree. If you have Styrofoam balls in your home and some paint, try painting the balls to your choice of color, adding some glitter, and placing them on your tree as a topper. You can even put toothpicks or thin, long wooden sticks into the Styrofoam ball and spray paint it for a decorative star look on the top of your tree. Just test paint or any glue first to make sure it doesn't "melt" the Styrofoam. Otherwise, you are off and running with your beautiful handmade tree decorations.

How Can I Make My Artificial Tree Smell Fresh?

Scents of Your Tree

If you have an artificial Christmas tree and you are longing for something that will remind you of that fresh evergreen smell you get with a live Christmas tree, you can actually purchase a scent that will liven up that artificial Christmas tree. You may even fool your friends into thinking that artificial tree is actually a real one.

One way to add a fresh evergreen scent to your Christmas tree is to purchase a special Christmas ornament that actually has a pomander that continuously releases a fresh evergreen scent into the air. For about $13, this little ornament can be yours at participating online retailers.

You can also purchase an artificial tree and room spray. You can spray this scent onto your artificial tree and throughout your home to get that great Christmas tree smell in every room. Sprays such as these cost about $10 and are a really good idea for anyone who wants the smell of a fresh tree without the mess that can potentially come with one! Scents for your home and tree are found at retail stores and online.

What are some do it yourself Christmas tree accessories?

DIY Christmas Tree Accessories

Sprucing up your Christmas tree doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. Instead of buying loads of ornaments every year, you can take things you already have around your house and put them to use in the form of Christmas tree accessories.

If you have red or green (or really any color will do) ribbon lying around your home, why not tie the ribbon into small bows and place them on your tree? This will add a splash of color to your tree and can be something that even children will enjoy doing. Then use the leftover ribbon as ornament holders to hold decorations up throughout your home.

If you still have old Christmas cards from Christmas past, you can use those to make your own garland. Simply cut out the pictures on the front of the Christmas cards, poke a small hole through the cut out figure and string some ribbon or string through it and place it around your tree. This is a unique and easy way to decorate your tree and recycle old cards as well.

Take a look around your house and see what you have lying around. Did you know that you can use a recycled soda bottle to make an angel tree topper? You will need a two liter bottle that is clean and has the sticker removed, along with other craft supplies such as a wooden ball for the angel's head, yarn for hair and ribbon, lace and pipe cleaners for making wings.

Really, when you think about it, the possibilities are endless for making Christmas tree accessories yourself. You just have to get creative and find some fun items for holiday recycling!

Are there any pretty ornament hangers?

Ornament Hangers Enhance Ornaments

As you hang your ornaments, you can't help but think that there should be a better way to hang these lovely decorations. The standard ornament hangers that come with most ornaments are plain and boring. Isn't there something nicer you can use than those
plain metal hooks? Actually, there are many options for hanging ornaments on the tree.

Rotating ornament hangers, such as the Ornamotor, are a very eye catching way to hang several special ornaments on the tree. They are a terrific option for ornaments that have scenes painted on them or ornaments that catch the light when they move.

A spotlight hanger shines lights on the ornament hanging from it. You'll really attract attention to your heirloom treasure with one of these hangers, which can be programmed to create different lighting

Ornate wire hangers are twisted into beautiful shapes, such as hearts or stars. These are metal hooks that anyone would be proud to use to hang ornaments on the tree. Ribbon hangers are a beautiful substitute for standard hooks. Simply remove the hooks and thread a piece of decorative ribbon through the ornament's loop. Tie a neat bow and put the ornament on the tree.

What are some cool Christmas tree garland I can put on my tree?

Fun and Traditional Christmas Accessories

Decorating a Christmas tree is something many families enjoy doing together, and there is nothing better than adding some cool Christmas accessories, such as a great Christmas tree skirt, Christmas tree garland and an ornament hanger, to your decorating theme.

If you want to break free from the more traditional tinsel Christmas tree garland, you may wish to consider beaded garland. Beaded Christmas tree garland can add a touch of class to your tree and comes in a variety of sizes, colors and prices. If you want to use a garland that is fun for the children in your home, you may want to think about a themed beaded garland, such as beaded garland with a Superman theme. There are many themed beaded garlands to choose from, such as M&M's, gingerbread men and even ducks, and it can be a fun family shopping trip when it comes time to pick one.

You may want to display your Christmas ornaments in some fashionable way other than on your tree. With a Christmas ornament holder you can do just that. These types of Christmas accessories are usually made of brass and come in different sizes. They are equipped with a hook that holds the ornament from its top. It's a fun and cool way to display ornaments not only during Christmas but also year-round.

Every Christmas tree needs a Christmas tree skirt to dress it up. Christmas tree skirts come in a wide variety of fabrics and decorations. You can pick a more traditional Christmas tree skirt that is a satin brocade or a damask material in gold colors, or you can pick a more fun tree skirt that is adorned with gingerbread cookies or reindeer. It comes down to personal choice and what works best for your decorating style. Christmas tree skirts can be pricey but they last for years when properly cared for.


Are there any special options for Christmas tree stands?

Comparing Christmas Tree Stands

You need a new Christmas tree stand. This is one time when you won't have to worry about making a decision. After all, Christmas tree
stands are all kind of ugly and the only choice is whether to go with metal or plastic, right? Actually, you can find these stands in a wide range of styles, from elaborate decorative models to simple plain options.

Of course, if you will be using a tree skirt, you may just want to buy an ordinary tree stand. There's certainly nothing wrong with these functional, sturdy stands and it makes sense to go with a basic stand if you're just planning to cover it up. Make sure that you shop for a stand that has some weight to it so it can support a fully decorated tree without tipping. A steel tree stand is ideal.

If you have a full sized tree that you have tucked into a corner of the room, you probably have experienced the frustration of trying to decorate and admire all sides of the tree. For people in this situation, there is a simple solution - a revolving tree stand. The tree slowly turns completely around, allowing you and your guests to admire every inch of your hard work.

Is an ornament holder a good option for displaying extra ornaments?

Display Extra Decorations With an Ornament Holder

As you look for a way to display a few extra ornaments on your already crowded tree, you think that there has to be a better option. You could just keep them in their storage containers, but it does seem like a shame to store them for another entire year without having even a few weeks to show off how beautiful they are. Displaying them in a bowl isn't really a great option because they are such fragile glass ornaments that you are afraid they will be scratched or broken. You tried using a mini tree, but it couldn't handle the weight of the full sized ornaments. What you need is an ornament holder.

Ornament holders are decorative metal stands that measure less than two feet tall. They are designed to securely hold a few special ornaments on gracefully curved hangers. Most holders are tree shaped and can hold a dozen or more ornaments. Their filigree design will provide plenty of decorative appeal while keeping your ornaments safe.

If you are placing the ornament holder in a location where people won't be able to easily see all the sides of the holder, you may want to look for a revolving model. This way, all the ornaments will be on display for people to admire and curious guests won't be tempted to try to turn the holder around on their own to look at an intriguing ornament.

However, make sure you purchase ornament holders that fit the type of ornament you are purchasing for. Holders and stands come in different sizes and heights and not all ornaments will fit securely in all stands. So before you start shopping, have a list of special ornaments and sizes (small, medium, large) in mind.

Do I need to use Christmas tree skirts?

Reasons to Use Christmas Tree Skirts

You love the way Christmas tree skirts look, but you have to wonder if they are really necessary. For most of the holiday the skirt is covered with gifts, after all! While it may not be considered a necessity, tree skirts are a good idea. These handy decorations are useful additions to any tree because:

A skirt can quickly cover up a stand that isn't decorative. This can be especially important if you tend to stack your gifts in another area until Christmas Eve to keep curious little eyes from discovering what is inside.

Skirts are also a great way to add color and thematic interest to the tree. You can find a tree skirt to match almost any tree's decor, from rustic country to elegant Victorian themes. The skirt is a great way to protect a valuable Oriental carpet or a carpet that is very light in color. This makes a skirt almost essential for a fresh cut tree, which will tend to shed needles at an alarming rate as the holiday season draws to a close.

A skirt can define the area that belongs to the tree. It can help you decide how big to make a Christmas train's track or how far out into the room to stack gifts.

What is a Christmas Tree Topper?

Top That Tree with a Tree Topper

So you have your Christmas tree covered in decorations, lights and garland. You have a gorgeous Christmas tree skirt to dress the bottom of your tree. It seems your Christmas tree is complete, or is it? Have you glanced at the top of your tree? Is it looking kind of bare? That's because every Christmas tree needs a tree topper to make the look complete.

Christmas tree toppers are usually an angel or a star that slips onto the very top branch of your Christmas tree. Many times, these toppers light up or rotate around the top of your tree for an added something special.

You can select Christmas tree toppers that exude old world charm, such as one that shows a Nativity with the Star of Bethlehem hovering over. While some families prefer stars, others prefer angels. You can select a lovely gold angel with feathers as wings that will add charm to your tree. If you want something different for your tree topper, you can spend more than the usual $15 to $20 for a topper and purchase a Father Christmas tree topper that runs about $50.

Purchasing a tree topper comes down to personal choice. Like all other Christmas tree accessories, you will find a large amount of choices when it comes to what is available in tree toppers. The important thing is to not forget to finish your tree decorating by adding a tree topper; no tree is complete without it!

And if you plan to use a lighted tree topper, don't forget you'll need to save room to plug it in.

Are there any fun tree topper options?

Untraditional Tree Topper Ideas

You have a star or an angel atop your tree every single year. While there is much to be said for continuing traditions, your current tree topper is looking a bit ratty and you'd like to try shaking things up a bit this year. Aren't there any nontraditional, quirky tree topper ideas you can try? Actually, there are dozens of unique topper ideas.

If you want a bit of a change, but you are still a traditionalist at heart, a snowflake topper may just be the perfect compromise. These toppers have a shape that is similar to that of a star and snowflakes were used as decorations on Christmas trees back in Victorian times.

For people who really want to be different, there are toppers designed to match a tree's theme. If you are putting together a nature or fishing related tree, why not go for a whimsical fish in a Santa hat? If your tree is extremely ornate, a peacock topper would make the perfect final touch. Snowmen and butterflies are also fun topper options.

If you can't find a pre-made topper you like, why not buy an ornament that matches your theme and make your own? Just detach the shabby old
topper decoration from the base and use hot glue to attach the ornament.

Are there any tips for choosing tree skirts?

Choosing Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas trees without skirts are like cakes without icing. A tree just looks unfinished when there isn't a lovely, decorative skirt at the bottom. When you are choosing a skirt for your tree, you have two options. You can choose a skirt and build your tree's decorating scheme around it or you can decorate the tree and then find a tree skirt to match.

Christmas tree skirts come in many different themes, from a country style with a whimsical moose appliqué to a beautiful golden brocade skirt with a scalloped edge. As you look for the perfect skirt, keep in mind that it should ideally coordinate with the room's decor as well as the tree's decorations.

You should also think about whether you'll be able to use the skirt more than once. Christmas Tree skirts are very durable and can last for many years. If you don't think about your choice, you'll be stuck with a skirt that is used once and then packed away in that box of decorations you never bother to unpack. Consider shopping for a skirt that matches almost any theme, such as a gold or burgundy skirt with a pattern in the same color on it. Another idea is to look for a skirt with a red and green Christmas theme.

Are there any tips for choosing Christmas wreaths?

Choosing Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a great choice for spreading holiday cheer both indoors and out. These versatile wreaths are available in many sizes and styles, from classic green wreaths with red bows to
fun and funky metallic ribbon wreaths. To successfully choose the right wreaths for your home, you should:

Think about scale. A small wreath hanging all alone in the middle of an enormous wall looks a bit silly, while a massive wreath that fills out the entire width of a door probably looks overwhelming and makes the door seem undersized.

Consider lighting options. If you decide you'd like your wreaths to light up, you really should consider pre-lit wreaths. A pre-lit wreath is so much easier to work with than one you are adding lights to. Wrapping that circular wreath shape in a string of lights is filled with frustration and tangled cords. You should also think about whether you like multi-colored lights or if you'd prefer wreaths with clear lights. These two options create a very different effect.

Look for extra touches, like pine cones or artificial snow. If the wreath is pre-decorated, you can simply hang it and go on to your next decorating task.

Are there any current Christmas decorating trends?

Christmas Decorating Trends

You like to be on top of new fashion trends and, since doing anything that is passé just isn't your way, you want to find out about current
Christmas decorating trends, too. Fortunately, finding a trend you like should be easy, because there are quite a few options to choose from.

Metallic colors are hot. If you are on a budget and don't want to have to replace everything, consider getting instant glitz by wrapping your old artificial evergreen tree in gold or silver garland. Add balls and a few other ornaments in metallic colors. If you do want to buy a new tree, look for a glamorous artificial silver tree.

Polka dots and stripes are in, especially if they are in more than one color. If you can't find pre-made ornaments that have the look you want, shop for pink, white, or tan glass ornaments and create your own polka dots or stripes with glass paint.

Deep jewel tone colors are very popular. Try decorating an evergreen tree with a combination of deep red, copper and purple beaded garland. Add coordinating ball ornaments and a richly hued tree skirt to create
a tree that is right on top of current trends.

Are there lighted Christmas tree toppers?

Christmas Tree Toppers Finish Off a Tree

Your tree is a thing of beauty. Every inch is decorated and you can't wait to show it off. However, as you step back for one last admiring look, you realize that something seems to be missing. At the very top of the tree a big blank space sticks out like a sore thumb. Christmas tree toppers are a great solution for dealing with that empty spot on the tree.

Tree toppers are designed to fit easily over the triangular point at the top of a tree to provide a final decorative touch. Most people don't put the topper on the tree until the rest of the decorations are in place. For some, crowning the tree signifies the start of the holiday season. Some even prefer to place the topper on the tree first, particularly if it's lighted, so that they don't knock off any ornaments in the process of decorating.

Traditionally, toppers have angel or star themes. Many people use the same topper for many years. Some even pass a particularly lovely topper down from generation to generation and this well loved ornament becomes a family heirloom.

While you can find many models without lights, why not opt for the extra sparkle of a lighted star topper? After all, if you decide to top a tree with a star, it just makes sense to have one that twinkles.

Are there any unique types of Christmas tree garland?

Types of Christmas Tree Garland

When you think of Christmas tree garland, you probably picture artificial evergreens or red beaded strands. However, there are many
other types of garland available. If you take the time to check out some of the options, you may find a garland that is the perfect match for your plans for this year's tree theme.

Novelty garland designs include everything from ducks to dog bones. These garlands are an especially fun choice for a child's personal Christmas tree. What little boy who is a fan of super heroes wouldn't get excited about a tree wrapped in Superman and Batman garland? Little girls who like pretty things may love having a tree wrapped in a beautiful novelty butterfly garland.

For people who want to take advantage of a fast way to add some glam to their trees, fancy beaded garland in metallic colors are sure to create plenty of sparkle. Fancy star tinsel and beaded sequined garlands are also perfect for elegant themes.

If you are a traditionalist, there are plenty of novelty garland options that help recreate a vintage feel. A wooden beaded garland is great for a rustic country themed tree. For Victorian lovers, a tinsel garland may be the perfect choice.

Is There a Tree Stand That will Show off all of my Ornaments?

Rotating Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas tree stands are necessary to keeping your tree balanced and standing during the time it is up in your home. What you may not know is that you do not need to purchase a regular old Christmas tree stand that just keeps your Christmas tree in one place. Oh no, you can purchase a Christmas tree stand that rotates your Christmas tree around and around.

Many rotating tree stands will hold trees as large as nine feet and will hold up to 2000 lights and has two outlets for plugging in various items needed to light your Christmas tree or other accessories that may need to be plugged in. You can even turn your tree off from rotating by flipping a switch on the tree stand itself. The stand itself plugs into an outlet but you are able to control the rotation by flipping a switch on or off on the stand.

If you want to be able to see all of your Christmas tree ornaments and you know that you won't be able to see any of those on the back because it is close to the wall, consider getting a rotating tree stand. This way your Christmas tree will rotate in a circle and show off all of those ornaments they way they are supposed to be. Be warned, however, that these rotating tree stands often cost over $100, so be prepared to spend some money on this item. You may need to wait until the actual Christmas season to purchase a rotating stand at retail store, but you can most likely find rotating stands online all year round!

Can I Make my own Garland?

Make Your Own Christmas Tree Garland

If you are frugal or even if you are looking for a fun craft you can do with your children to add to your Christmas tree, why not try making your own garland to spruce up that tree and get the family involved at the same time?

One fun family activity you can do to make your own garland is to make popcorn garland. It really doesn't get much easier than popcorn garland. You can pop a large batch of popcorn, find a needle and a strong thread cut to the length you want your garland to be. Thread your needle into the thread and then poke individual popcorn pieces with the needle and thread to the end of the thread. Continue doing this until you have strung your entire thread with popcorn. This is a great activity to do with children, just make sure they are old enough to work with a needle or you may have a lot of poked little fingers.

If you have very young children you may to consider cutting colored construction paper into strips and then taking a strip, glue the ends together, then taking another strip, intertwining it with the ring you have already made, glue the ends together and continue this process until you have made garland rings with construction paper. This is a fun activity for parents and kids to do together and a very inexpensive one at that, construction paper can be found at any retail store for less than $3.

Another fun way to make your own christmas tree garland is to follow the same procedure you would with the popcorn garland, but instead string pretzels, marshmallows, gum drops and Lifesavers candy onto some thread and then decorate your tree with that garland.

Christmas tree accessories, such as garland, don't always have to be purchased. Many families enjoy making their own garland for their trees; why not try it with yours? After Christmas, you can even put the popcorn garland outdoors for the birds to enjoy.

What are Christmas Tree Stands?

Christmas Tree Stands

As you prepare to put up your Christmas tree, you will need to have one very important accessory or your tree will surely fall! You must have that ever-important Christmas tree stand. Of all the Christmas tree accessories, this might be the most important! You can't simply prop your tree up in a corner and expect it to stay put, you must have a stand in which the trunk of the tree is inserted into a hole in the base of the stand while screws are tightened around it to keep it upright. If you don't have one, make sure to get one before you're ready to put your tree up!

A Christmas tree stand most often comes in red or green and has four large bolts that screw into a tight fit up against the base of the Christmas tree once the tree trunk is placed into the stand. It may take some maneuvering to get the tree to a straight stance, so expect to have to adjust the screws after you have already tightened them.

If you purchase an artificial Christmas tree, often times the stand is included with the tree so it may not be necessary to purchase one if you have recently purchased an artificial tree. Just check the box with the tree to see if the stand is included. If you purchase a fresh Christmas tree, you will need a stand for it. Another cool Christmas tree stand is one that actually doesn't require any screws and it doesn't require you to do any cutting to the trunk of your fresh Christmas tree. For about $50 or more, you can purchase a tree stand that you set the trunk of the tree in, and then push a pedal with your foot to tighten the claws around the trunk of the tree. This is an ideal stand for those of you who want to avoid the pain of cutting and screwing in your tree.

You may want to do some research on the Internet about what Christmas tree stand is best for the type of Christmas tree you are going to get. Christmas tree stands can be found at major retailers and online merchants.

What is a Christmas Tree Skirt?

Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas trees look beautiful because of all the decorations, garland and lovely lights placed on it. Christmas trees look even more beautiful when dressed up with Christmas tree skirts. A Christmas tree skirt is a skirt that surrounds the bottom of your Christmas tree at the base. They generally come with a slit and normally tie or fasten around the tree stand so you can add it either before or after the tree is decorated.

People really have a vast amount of choices when it comes to investing in a Christmas tree skirt. You can purchase skirts that are made from velor, brocade, cotton or even something someone has taken the time to knit by hand. Christmas tree skirts can have almost any scene on it, from a Santa Claus with his reindeer, to a nativity scene or even a snowman. Skirts for your Christmas tree come in so many varieties that every household that needs one will most likely find one that suits the needs of the house.

Depending on the type of skirt you are interested in you can expect to pay from $25 to over $50 or more. Tree skirts are generally quite large because they must fit around the bottom of the tree and cover the tree stand, so you can expect to find skirts that are about 50 inches in diameter.

Christmas tree skirts really add to the beauty of the tree and even though by Christmas Day, the skirt will be covered with presents, your Christmas tree will look beautiful as you slowly add presents under it during the holiday season.

What is Christmas Tree Garland?

Christmas Tree Garland

If you have a Christmas tree then most likely you have garland to decorate it. We have all seen garland, the decorative pieces of material that jazz up a tree, a stairwell, a doorway and even a fireplace mantle. It really doesn't matter where you put it, garland can brighten up your home and your Christmas tree during the holidays.

There are so many different types of choices when it comes to garland, you may not even be aware of how many are out there. You can purchase garland on the Internet for reasonable prices, though with so many choices it may take you awhile to decide which is right for you.

You can purchase Christmas tree garland made of beads. Garland like this is sure to make your house more festive. Choose from beaded garland in a wide array of colors from purple, burgundy, silver, blue and many more colors. Choose from a length as short as three feet to as long as nine feet. Beaded garland costs about $7 on average and will add a classy feel to your Christmas.

If beaded garland isn't what you are looking for, you have several more choices. If you want to decorate your house with novelty Christmas items, why not choose garland in the shape of candy canes or flowers. Better yet, why not pick a sugared fruit candy garland and really add a splash to your holiday? Novelty garland is typically about six feet in length and averages about $5 in price. Something so inexpensive can really make for a beautifully decorated home for the holidays.

If you would rather, you can choose a more traditional garland, such as garland that resembles a boa or tinsel garland that comes in a variety of colors. These types of garland can be as long as 15 feet and are usually about $4 for one.

You can also purchase garland that resembles natural greenery or is flocked with artificial snow. Ornament hooks make it easy to drape garland on your tree. Garland such as this makes a wonderful accent on a fireplace mantel or a banister for your stairwell.

Regardless of the garland you choose, you know that there will be something for everyone when it comes time to buy!

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