Keeping Your Live Tree Hydrated

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How Can I Keep My Live Tree Watered?

Keeping Your Live Tree Hydrated

If you have a live tree at Christmas you will want to make sure that your Christmas tree is kept well watered. If you don't want to worry about checking the water level of your tree daily and watering it daily using a watering can, you may wish to invest in a cool little accessory known as a Christmas tree waterer.

For less than $30, you can buy a waterer that resembles Santa Claus' boots and attach it to your tree stand by placing the probe or tubing into the Christmas tree stand and setting the cute little pair of boots next to the tree, fill the boots with water and squeeze an item on the tubing that starts the water flow. Once this is done, you will not have to worry about keeping your tree watered for ten days.

You can also purchase a Christmas tree waterer that resembles a Christmas present. Guests to your home will never know the cute little boots or package is actually the item that is keeping your fresh Christmas tree well watered. You can find waterers such as these online at select Christmas merchants.



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