Reasons to Use Christmas Tree Skirts

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Do I need to use Christmas tree skirts?

Reasons to Use Christmas Tree Skirts

You love the way Christmas tree skirts look, but you have to wonder if they are really necessary. For most of the holiday the skirt is covered with gifts, after all! While it may not be considered a necessity, tree skirts are a good idea. These handy decorations are useful additions to any tree because:

A skirt can quickly cover up a stand that isn't decorative. This can be especially important if you tend to stack your gifts in another area until Christmas Eve to keep curious little eyes from discovering what is inside.

Skirts are also a great way to add color and thematic interest to the tree. You can find a tree skirt to match almost any tree's decor, from rustic country to elegant Victorian themes. The skirt is a great way to protect a valuable Oriental carpet or a carpet that is very light in color. This makes a skirt almost essential for a fresh cut tree, which will tend to shed needles at an alarming rate as the holiday season draws to a close.

A skirt can define the area that belongs to the tree. It can help you decide how big to make a Christmas train's track or how far out into the room to stack gifts.



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