Scents of Your Tree

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How Can I Make My Artificial Tree Smell Fresh?

Scents of Your Tree

If you have an artificial Christmas tree and you are longing for something that will remind you of that fresh evergreen smell you get with a live Christmas tree, you can actually purchase a scent that will liven up that artificial Christmas tree. You may even fool your friends into thinking that artificial tree is actually a real one.

One way to add a fresh evergreen scent to your Christmas tree is to purchase a special Christmas ornament that actually has a pomander that continuously releases a fresh evergreen scent into the air. For about $13, this little ornament can be yours at participating online retailers.

You can also purchase an artificial tree and room spray. You can spray this scent onto your artificial tree and throughout your home to get that great Christmas tree smell in every room. Sprays such as these cost about $10 and are a really good idea for anyone who wants the smell of a fresh tree without the mess that can potentially come with one! Scents for your home and tree are found at retail stores and online.



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