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Can I Make my Own Gift Bag?

Make Your Own Christmas Gift Bag

If you are giving a special Christmas gift to someone and want to make it even more personal, you can also make your decorative Christmas gift bag in which to put the gift you are giving. Making your own Christmas gift bag is a wonderful way to personalize your gift even more, because you took the time to make a bag to put it in. You can even make a Christmas gift bag that goes with the theme of what you are giving as a gift. For example, if you are giving your guy a NASCAR ornament, you can make a NASCAR gift bag by following the directions below:

1. Purchase a plain gift bag at a craft store or retail store. It can be any color you wish, just make sure it has no other decorations on it.

2. Draw a design you want to put on the front of the gift bag on a separate piece of paper. Cut out.

3. Using a material of your choice, whether it is foam craft squares or a fabric such as felt, trace your cut out design around the fabric and cut out.

4. Using a hot glue gun, glue your fabric pieces or foam pieces onto the gift bag where you think it will look the best.

5. If you want, you can add ribbon you have purchased, small pieces of decorative wooden craft squares or whatever else by gluing them in various places throughout the bag.

6. Let the bag dry and be prepared to have people be impressed with this easy and fun decorative Christmas gift bag!

What are Christmas Cookie Bouquets?

Christmas Cookie Bouquets

One sweet surprise at Christmas for a gift to a loved one is a Christmas cookie bouquet. Can you imagine the face on the recipient when you give them a gorgeous bouquet made of cookies?

Why not send your kid's teacher a great Christmas cookie bouquet with snowmen as a theme? These cute cookies consist of a basket full of decorated snowman cookies, with no two cookies being alike. With a two-cookie bouquet starting at less than $15, you get your choice of a standard container for free or upgrade to a fancy container that looks like a white picket fence for $7 extra, a teacher is sure to enjoy this wonderful gift.

If you want to give someone else a thank you gift at Christmas time, such as your doctor, your mailman or your paper delivery person, you can give a Winter Wishes Cookie Greeting Card as a gift. The cookie included in this card looks like a mitten and the card can be personalized on both the front and the inside for your own special message of thanks to whomever you giving it to. For less than $10 this makes a great gift!

Another unique gift idea is to give a large pan cookie to someone special. This giant iced cookie with a Christmas greeting on it will cost about $30 but makes a tasty gift.

Christmas cookie bouquets are yummy gifts to give at Christmas and are something not typically given each year! Do a search online for Christmas cookie bouquet website or look in your phone book for a list of cookie shops near you that may make Christmas cookie bouquets.

What are Some Good Gifts for Specific Pet Lovers?

Christmas Gifts for the Pet Lover

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a pet lover? You can find some really cool and fun gifts that will make that pet lover smile!

If the person you are shopping for is a horse lover, why not help her spruce up her Christmas tree with a horse ornament? You can get a brown glass four-legged stallion ornament for less than $8. This lovely horse is sure to have the horse lover you know yelling, "Giddy Up" when she opens it.

Maybe the person you are shopping for is a bird lover. There are tons of bird ornaments out there to choose from, but if the person is an avid bird watcher, there is a unique gift just for them. A green resin binocular ornament is a neat way to symbolize that person's love of bird watching, because binoculars are an important part of watching birds. This $6 ornament from Ducks Unlimited is sure to be a hit.

If fish are the thing the pet lover you are shopping for is in to, you can purchase many different fish Christmas gifts. A tropical blue glass fish is one gift the fish lover in your life is sure to enjoy, and for less than $7, you can't beat the price.

Try not to stress when purchasing a gift for a pet lover. The Christmas gift choices are endless even if it is a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish or even a horse, that they love.

What are Some Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Her?

Christmas Gifts for Her

If you ask nearly any man one thing about purchasing a Christmas present for the lady in his life, he will most likely say it is impossible to think of ideas for a gift that she would actually like. Look no further- here are some unique gift ideas just for her!

As with the gifts for men, gifts for her don't need to be hard. A simple tip is to shop along the lines of her interests. Why not purchase a gift for her in the form of a decorative figurine that symbolizes something important in her life. If she is a mom, then a Precious Moments figurine about being a mommy is a great gift! Another great gift for a mom at Christmas is a Christmas tree ornament that is a symbol of a mother's heart. This ornament is only $10 and is sure to touch the heart of any mom at Christmas time.

Another unique gift idea for her is a cool Christmas ornament that looks like a handbag. If the gal in your life loves purses, this gift is for her! This Christmas ornament is made of glass, costs about $10 and would be a great gift for her!

If the lady in your life loves to garden then a Christmas tree ornament about gardening and those who garden, is a great gift idea. For as little as $7 you can get the gardening gal in your life a special gift.

If you know a nurse, you can think about giving her a figurine by Jim Shore Heartwood Creek called Nurse Angel. This $35 angel figurine is sure to make her smile, with its beautiful colors and the look of carved wood, it will be hard for her not to like it.

Gifts for her are hard, especially when you want something unique. When shopping for your next Christmas gift for her, keep the above information in mind!

Can I Get Some Sports Lover Gift Ideas?

Sports Lover Gifts

Is there a sports enthusiast in your life? Are you searching for the perfect Christmas gift for him or her? There are many unique choices to mull over in your decision making process.

If you know someone who loves to shoot pool, why not give him or her a Christmas gift that symbolizes the love of that game? You can purchase 15-pool ball Christmas tree ornaments, all which look like a pool ball you would find on an actual pool table. This great gift idea is only $11. Just make sure the Christmas pool ball ornaments are actually hung on the tree, instead of mistakenly placed on the pool table!

If you know a basketball fanatic, you can purchase a basketball stein for about $20. This cool stein will hold a half-liter of liquid beverage for the sports nut to enjoy during a game.

Fore! Is golf a game of choice for someone you know? Why not give them some really neat outdoor or indoor Christmas lights that resemble a golf bag and a golf ball. The person you are giving the gift to can string the lights on the outside of the house or the inside. For only $20 you can give a golf lover a unique Christmas gift.

There are so many choices when it comes to giving a sports lover a gift. By doing a simple Internet search for "Sports Lover Christmas Gifts" you will find so many ideas that your head will spin!

What are Some Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Kids and Baby?

Christmas Gifts for Kids and Baby

Are you looking for a great gift for baby? Have you thought about a Christmas ornament made just for her or him? You can get a Christmas ornament that is personalized just for baby for a reasonable price about $10. It is a keepsake the baby will keep with him for his entire life.

How about an ornament in the shape of a picture frame. This $6 ornament allows a picture of baby to be slipped inside and displayed on the tree. Picture frame ornaments like this might say "Prince," or "Princess" on them for the little girl or boy the gift is going to.

If you are purchasing a gift for an older child, how about the Snowman Building Kit with Box? This cool kit is sure to make any young child please. It comes with everything needed to make the perfect snowman, just add snow and a good time is sure to be had with this great Christmas gift. For only $10 this gift is well worth it, especially if the child lives in an area where snow is a sure thing each winter.

Can I Purchase a Santa Suit?

Playing Santa or Mrs. Claus

Having Santa visit a child at home is a truly special sight. Whether it is a favorite uncle, a cousin or even a Grandpa, someone dressed as Santa can leave wonderful memories with a child for a lifetime.

Of course, people can't dress up like Santa Claus or his wife, Mrs. Claus, without having a Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus outfit. You can rent one of these costumes, but if you plan on wearing it year after year, the most economical idea is to purchase your own Santa and Mrs. Claus outfit.

A Santa Claus outfit is also a great gift for the person playing Santa in your life. Santa suits must look realistic, because the person dressing up as Santa doesn't want to give anything away. Your Santa suit should have a realistic beard, and should have a realistic well-made velvet material for the suit. Mrs. Claus should also have the same. One such site that will offer you a realistic Santa suit is This site has such real looking Santa costumes that the legendary John Wayne even ordered a Santa costume from them in the 1970's.

Giving a Santa suit to a loved one or even ordering one for yourself, is a great way to ensure that children in your family will have a memorable Christmas year after year. A Santa beard and hat will run about $68. Most items are sold in small groupings, such as a coat and pants, the hat and beard and gloves are separate. Be prepared to pay for your costume, but in the end, when a child's face lights up at Santa, it will be worth it!

What are Some Gift Ideas for Him?

Christmas Gifts for Him

Buying a Christmas gift for a man can be difficult, especially when he seems to have everything he needs or just doesn't seem to know what he wants. Here are a few ideas that may make Christmas gift giving to him a little easier:

If the guy in your life is into NASCAR, you can purchase him a wonderful Christmas gift with a NASCAR theme. They even have NASCAR ornaments of the Christmas tree. Choose from a Jeff Gordon ornament or even one with Dale Earnhart Jr. If your guy has a favorite NASCAR driver, there most likely is a Christmas tree ornament with that driver available! NASCAR ornaments are only about $8, so they make a very economical gift!

If NASCAR isn't your guy's thing, there are other options. Does the man in your life like John Deere? How about choosing a John Deere beer stein, which holds 28 ounces of liquid and costs about $69? Or, how about purchasing him some John Deere shot glasses for your next party? These shot glasses are under $6 per glass, yet another economical gift choice.

If John Deere and NASCAR aren't quite what you had in mind, how about a figurine that symbolizes something important in his life? Is your guy a dad? If so, why not purchase something such as a Precious Moments figurine that is about being a dad? Or, a Willow Tree figurine symbolizing new life? Either of these is sure to be a great gift for Dad. Is the guy in your life a businessman? Why not purchase him a figurine by Charming Tails made just for the man who is business oriented. Costs for these figurines will vary, so check websites for pricing.

Gifts for men can sometimes be difficult to purchase. The above list should help get you started on something sure to please!

Are There Gift Baskets for Christmas?

Christmas Gift Baskets

A great idea for gift giving at Christmas is to give a Christmas gift basket. These unique baskets are sure to please the pickiest of people!

You can purchase Christmas gift baskets with food, Christmas gift baskets with cookies, Christmas gift baskets with baking items for baking Christmas treats, or even Christmas gift baskets with chocolaty treats. Imagine a gift basket that has pancake mix, syrup, coffee, jam and a ham, everything you would need for breakfast on Christmas morning. There are gift baskets made just for breakfast on Christmas morning for about $80!

Do you know someone who loves snowmen? You can purchase a snowman gift basket as a holiday gift for the snowman lover you know. For about $70 you can find a gift basket that comes with a snowman food tray, pretzels, snowman cookies, chocolate, hot chocolate, and yummy peanuts. What a great Christmas gift basket for someone who loves snowmen.

Gift baskets can be found on many sites on the Internet, to find one simply do a search for "Christmas gift baskets", and several sites will come up. Make sure you research each site and decide which one is right for you. Prices will vary from site to site, whatever you decide, a Christmas gift basket is sure to be a hit!

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