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What are Precious Moments and do They Have Christmas?

Precious Moments

Precious Moments, just about everyone has heard of them, many of you may have one or even a collection in your home. These collectible figurines are made of bisque porcelain and share a message of faith, love and hope to all who see them. The collection is inspired by the art of Sam Butcher and the first figures were created close to 30 years ago. His Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO is a "must visit" for any avid collector.

If you collect Precious Moments or know someone who does, have you thought about adding to the collection with Precious Moments made just for Christmas?

Precious Moments has an entire set of the Nativity that you can collect and display at Christmas time. These wonderful little pieces help depict the birth of Jesus with Precious Moments characters. Pieces such as the sleeping baby Jesus will cost about $20 and the cute little donkey will cost about $33. You can also purchase the nine main Nativity pieces that include the Holy Family, the shepherds and their flock, for about $140. This Precious Moments Nativity is a special way to celebrate the birth of Christ.

If you are interested, you may also want to look into Christmas ornaments featuring Precious Moments characters. You can purchase a stone resin Christmas ornament, such as a girl and her cat enjoying some cookies. Don't forget to also purchase Christmas Precious Moments figurines like Scatter Joy that depicts a cute little girl checking her mailbox that is stuffed with Christmas greetings, or the Merry Christmas to Ewe figurine featuring a little girl holding two sheep.

What are Hummels?


Have you ever heard of Berta Hummel? If so, then you probably know that she was the artist that inspired the figurines known as Hummels. When Berta Hummel was ordained as a nun, her name became Maria Innocentia Hummel (M.I. Hummel). Her art was later produced into Hummel figurines with permission by the Goebel company.

If you love Hummels you may want to consider looking into Hummel collectibles made for the Christmas season. One such collectible made exclusively for the Christmas store, Bronners, is the Silent Night Chapel Musical Hummelscape. This chapel modeled after the original Silent Night Chapel in Austria of which the song Silent Night was first sung in 1818 on Christmas Eve, is a wind up musical collectible that plays Silent Night. It is made of porcelain and is hand painted. It would make a beautiful addition to any Hummel collection.

You may also want to consider celebrating Christmas with Christmas ornaments featuring Hummel figurines on them. You can purchase a set of four Christmas ball ornaments with a Hummel scene featured on it. These Christmas ornaments are sure to dress up any Christmas tree with a fantastic Hummel feel!

There are also Hummel angels available from the Hummel Angel Bell collection that have the year listed. These ceramic angels bells are beautifully painted and then glazed to make a wonderful addition to your Hummel collection. These little angel bells are about two and a half inches tall and will brighten up your Christmas tree or can even be displayed throughout the year if you wish!

Hummel's are wonderful items to collect and you don't have to limit yourself to collecting Hummel figurines just for Christmas. There are Hummel's available for all sorts of occasions at sites such as

If you've already been collecting Hummels for years or inherited some from family members, you might also be interested in their value. You should look for certain markings on the figurines to confirm they are authentic. There should be a mold number and Goebel stamp, along with a personal stamp of approval. Like any collectible, condition and rarity of a Hummel will affect its value. Check the Robert L. Miller Price Guide or with a legitimate appraiser to find out the value of your Hummel.


Snowbunnies Collectibles

Snowbabies aren't the only snow collectible you can collect. If you love Snowbabies, you will most likely love Snowbunnies collectibles made by Department 56. Snowbunnies are similar to Snowbabies, but instead of little children that are featured in Snowbabies, Snowbunnies feature little children with bunny ears. These Snowbunnies are made with white porcelain bisque and can help you celebrate spring! Snowbunnies collectibles are very cute, such as "Love My Little Bunny" with a Snowbunny hugging a stuffed bunny rabbit.

What are Some Other Christmas Collectibles?

Other Christmas Collectibles

With so many different Christmas collectibles out there today, it is hard to list every single kind. Let's face it, that list could go on and on. There are some other Christmas collectibles that have yet to be mentioned that are quite popular.

Some very popular Christmas collectibles are the Cherished Teddies. Cherished Teddies are made from drawings that Priscilla Hillman created. Cherished Teddies represent what is best about childhood. Cherished Teddies are as the name describes: adorable teddy bear figurines in various vignettes and motifs. One of the best things about childhood is celebrating Christmas and Cherished Teddies has Christmas figurines. How about the "Dear Santa" Cherished Teddy which shows a boy bear writing his Christmas list to Santa telling him how good he has been this year.

Another great Cherished Teddy Christmas collectible are the Cherished Teddies Christmas ornaments for Baby's First Christmas. Choose from a Cherished Teddy baby boy's first Christmas or a baby girl's first Christmas.

Another very popular Christmas collectible line is the Fontanini nativity collection. Different sizes are available, ranging from 5" to 12" and pieces can be added to your nativity display annually. Each comes with a story card box. Pieces in the 5" collection start around $15 for Nativity story characters and $5 on up for stable animals. Fontanini figurines have been around for about 40 years by the family of Fontanini from Bagni di Lucca, Italy. These Christmas figurines are made of formulated polymer and are not supposed to break or chip. These gorgeous hand painted figurines are sure to add to your Christmas decor. You can choose a Fontanini Nativity Collection, which features individual pieces to complete the Nativity.

What are Some Santa Collectibles?

Santa Collectibles

One thing many people collect to display over the Christmas season is different kinds of Santas. Santa Claus collectibles are extremely popular at Christmas time. Chances are if you were to walk into almost any house during the Christmas season, you will see a display of Christmas Santa's somewhere in that home.

There are so many Santa collectibles your head will spin. You can find Santa collectibles in many sizes and shapes. You can purchase a soccer playing Santa if you have a love of soccer. Or you can go more traditional and purchase a kneeling Santa Claus. This Santa Claus is on his knees appearing to be praying over the baby Jesus who is sleeping in his manger. Santa collectibles are made in various materials from resin, to fabric mache, and porcelain to glass. Some people prefer the traditional Thomas Nast look of Santa (also epitomized as the Coca-Cola Santa), while others prefer more rustic or modern Santas.

Another Santa collectible you may want to look for when shopping is the Pipka Santa Figurine line. Pipka figurines first were developed in 1995 and have grown in great popularity. These resin figurines feature Father Christmas from various different countries. The Lucky Irish Santa Pipka figurine shows Father Christmas dressed in a green coat walking with a walking stick and carrying a pot of gold. If you purchase the Lucky Irish Santa Pipka, you may want to add to your Pipka Santa collection with a USA Santa Claus. This Pipka Santa shows what we Americans interpret to be Santa Claus getting ready to slide down a chimney with a bag of presents.

What are Willow Tree Collectibles?

Willow Tree

Many people have Willow Tree collectibles in their homes. You have probably seen them in shopping malls, people's homes and online. The Willow Tree collection was created by Susan Lordi who wanted to express the love of family and friends. All Willow Tree collectibles are created using Susan Lordi's carvings and then hand painted to make it look primitive, or like something that came from nature. These Christmas collectibles are very meaningful gifts to give to others and great decorations for the home!

Willow Tree has Christmas collectibles, figurines for many other celebrations and inspirational and everyday figurines. The Willow Tree Christmas figurines include the entire Nativity, which you can purchase in small groups. For example, you can purchase a shepherd, a donkey, two sheep, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus for about $60. To complete your Willow Tree Nativity, you will want to purchase the stable animals and another shepherd and to complete the set, you will need the Three Wisemen.

If you want something that celebrates Christmas other than the Nativity, you might want to think about The Christmas Story Willow Tree. There is the resin two-piece set that shows Mary and Joseph holding the baby Jesus inside the manger.

Willow Tree truly has something for everyone and with their neutral color and fresh look, they easily blend with any decor, so you are sure to decorate your home or a loved one's home beautifully for Christmas!

What are Snowbunnies and Snowbabies?

Snowbabies Collectibles

Have you been walking in the mall and passed a store that sells collectibles? Did you notice those cute little figurines that appear to look like little children all bundled up in white winter wear enjoying the outdoors? If you noticed those little figurines, then you were noticing Snowbabies collectibles. Snowbabies, which are made of porcelain bisque, were created in 1987 and have been extremely popular as far as collectibles go, ever since.

If you are interested in Snowbabies made by Department 56, you will have many to choose from. The various situations that Snowbabies get themselves into change each year, but you're sure to find one that fits your taste.

If you want a Snowbaby collectible with a little something extra, why not look into purchasing a Snowbaby with a perennial favorite, like Big Bird. If you're still looking for Snowbabies with that extra something, consider the more recent Snowbabies, where color has been introduced.

What is Department 56?

Department 56

At Christmas time, many people put out their Christmas village collection, displaying it on a mantle or some other prominent place. One popular brand of Christmas village houses and collectibles is called Department 56. You can find this collection at many fine retail stores and online.

Department 56 has many different villages to choose from. If you wish, purchase a village church, school house, retail shop, restaurant or gas station from Department 56. You can find these items in the various lines of villages in various themes such as Alpine Village, Christmas in the City, New England, Snow Village, North Pole and Dickens.

Department 56 villages and collectibles offer gorgeous colors and buildings that look incredibly realistic. Besides the lighted buildings, many accessory pieces are available including some with motion and sound to make your village come to life.

Department 56 buildings average around $65 and accessories are around $15, but when they are well cared for they can be a beautiful heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. You can decorate a home for Christmas throughout the years. Men, women and children all seem to enjoy setting up villages and showing their creativity and individuality when displaying them. Collectors clubs across the country have village fever.

Department 56 also makes a popular Halloween village line for those village fans who can't wait for Christmas ever year to display theirs.

What are Jim Shore Collectibles?

Jim Shore Collectibles

If you want to add some country charm to your Christmas, try adding a collectible by Jim Shore. Jim Shore used growing up in the south as the brainchild behind his Jim Shore Heartwood Creek collectibles. Each Jim Shore carved wood resin collectible features wonderful colors that remind you of the country. Jim Shore folk art can surely bring a little country to your Christmas.

With over 50 Jim Shore collectibles to choose from at Christmas, the problem will be deciding how many you can afford at purchase time. You can choose from a variety of themes, including angels and snowmen. Do you enjoy collecting Santas each year? Jim Shore has those, too.

Want something a bit more specific? How about a Jim Shore collectible related to someone's profession? Have a Disney fan in the house? Jim Shore even has collectibles with Disney motifs.

What are Charming Tails?

Charming Tails

If you have never heard of the Charming Tails collection by Dean Griff, then you must keep reading! Charming Tails are collectibles that were created in 1994 by Dean Griff who wanted to create pieces of work that reminded him of the animals and the scenery he encountered while growing up on a farm.

Dean Griff created Charming Tails and has since created cute little mice figurines, including the 2007 Charming Tails collection that has a figurine for each month of the year, featuring the adorable mouse Mackensie doing something adorable in each figurine. Who knew a mouse in the house could be so cute! These figurines run about $20.

If you want to purchase Charming Tails figurines strictly for Christmas, those are available also. Charming Tails Christmas collection features Mackensie Mouse and her friends celebrating Christmas in different ways, from pushing and pulling a large stocking to getting ready for Santa to sharing a candy cane.

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