Charming Tails

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What are Charming Tails?

Charming Tails

If you have never heard of the Charming Tails collection by Dean Griff, then you must keep reading! Charming Tails are collectibles that were created in 1994 by Dean Griff who wanted to create pieces of work that reminded him of the animals and the scenery he encountered while growing up on a farm.

Dean Griff created Charming Tails and has since created cute little mice figurines, including the 2007 Charming Tails collection that has a figurine for each month of the year, featuring the adorable mouse Mackensie doing something adorable in each figurine. Who knew a mouse in the house could be so cute! These figurines run about $20.

If you want to purchase Charming Tails figurines strictly for Christmas, those are available also. Charming Tails Christmas collection features Mackensie Mouse and her friends celebrating Christmas in different ways, from pushing and pulling a large stocking to getting ready for Santa to sharing a candy cane.



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