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Can I Make My Own Christmas Wreath?

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

You may have been pricing artificial Christmas wreaths and started thinking that it would be much cheaper to just make your own. You may have figured though that you couldn't possibly make your own Christmas wreath. Think again, it can be done!

Follow these basic directions to get you started:

1. You will need a thick metal wire that you can easily bend. Bend this wire into the shape you want your wreath, most likely a round shape. You can wrap this wire around something that is circular to give your wreath a perfect shape.

2. Purchase tree boughs or garland from a craft store, or use tree clippings from a live tree if you have one. You can then put these tree boughs into your wire by either wrapping it around the wire if you are using artificial boughs that have wire, or by hot gluing them. Do this all around the entire metal part of your wreath.

3. You can then hot glue any additional decorations you may want on your Christmas wreath, such as holly, beads, wooden Christmas buttons, ribbon, etc, anything to dress up the wreath to your liking.

4. Hang your wreath on a wreath hanger! You have just made your own Christmas wreath!

What are Some Options for Hanging a Wreath?

How to Hang Your Wreath

If you have a Christmas wreath you want to hang, but aren't quite sure how to go about doing it, you have several options.

If you are hanging your Christmas wreath on your front door or any door for that matter, you can use an over the door wreath hanger. These wreath hangers resemble a hook and often come in plastic and metal. One part of the wreath hanger fits snugly over the top of the door while the hook part hangs down for the wreath to be hung from. This is a popular option when hanging a wreath on a door and usually cost less than $10.

If you are hanging a Christmas wreath outside on your house, you will most likely not want to pound a nail to do this. If your home has vinyl siding you can purchase special vinyl siding hangers to attach to the siding and hang your wreath. These metal or plastic hook-like pieces are easy to install under your vinyl siding, you simply rock the top part of the hanger under the area of siding you want it, and snap it, then you are ready to hang your wreath. The best part about these special vinyl siding hangers is that they remove easily with a little pull that doesn't damage your home. These cost about $20 for a set of four and are found just about at any retailer during the Christmas season.

If you want a wreath hanger for over your door and you want one that doesn't swing like other over-the-door wreath hangers do, there are actually over-the-door wreath hangers that will not swing. These no-swing wreath hangers come with adhesive-backed foam strips that protect your door from scratching and will not move off the door when it is opened. For about $30 you can get a pack of three no-swing wreath hangers.

However you decide to hang your Christmas wreath or wherever you decide to hang it, there are many options for you to choose from!

Are There Patriotic Christmas Wreaths?

Patriotic Christmas Wreath

If you want to express love for your country during the Christmas season, you could try decorating with a Christmas wreath that shows your patriotism.

A patriotic Christmas wreath is an artificial evergreen wreath that is adorned with red, white and blue artificial flowers, a United States flag, a red, white and blue ribbon, and of course, red, white and blue, small wrapped presents. This lovely 24 inch Christmas wreath will surely show just how much you love your country. For about $55 your pride can show through, even at Christmas time! You can find a wreath like this by searching the Internet for them.

You may also want to check at local craft stores or retail craft stores during Christmas time, as they most likely will have a variety of wreaths, including a patriotic wreath. Or you can have one custom made for you at the above stores and you can even try to make one on your own. However you choose to get your hands on a patriotic Christmas wreath is up to you, your choices are many.

What are Advent Wreaths?

Advent Wreaths

Many Christian faiths celebrate Advent. Advent is the waiting time before Christmas Day, the day Jesus was born. There are typically four Sundays before Christmas in which Christian's celebrate Advent. This is usually done at church (but it can be done at home, as well), where people recite readings and light candles that symbolize the meaning of Advent. Each Sunday a candle is lit, and many times these candles are set within a wreath that symbolizes eternity. There are five total candles, with one candle being lit each Sunday and the fifth candle being lit on Christmas Eve.

Advent wreaths are available for the public to purchase, thus allowing your family to celebrate Advent in your own home. You can purchase a children's Advent wreath that has Velcro candles made from fabric instead of handling a real, lit candle. You can also purchase a modern looking Advent wreath that is made of metal and holds four candles.

Advent wreaths most often do not come with the candles, so you will need to purchase the correct number and colors of candles, most likely taper candles, to put on whatever Advent wreath you choose.

How Big are Artificial Christmas Wreaths?

Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a great way to decorate for the season! They are available in many varieties and are a great way to decorate a bare wall or door inside or outside of your home.

Artificial Christmas wreaths are a popular decorating choice because they will last year after year when stored properly and taken care of. Unlike live Christmas wreaths, you don't have to worry about the wreath drying, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Some wreaths even come already lighted, so you don't have to worry about adding lights yourself.

Artificial Christmas wreaths come in many different sizes. You can purchase an artificial Christmas wreath that is as small as 12 inches around or as large as six feet around. Many artificial Christmas wreaths come with ribbon adorning it for a decorative touch and many resemble evergreen tree needles, pine tree needles or fir tree needles. If you are a looking for a realistic Christmas wreath, but you don't want to run the risk of having the needles dry up and shed before company comes over, an artificial wreath is the best choice.

Are There Pre-Lit Christmas Wreaths?

Pre-Lit Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are great decorations at Christmas time. Adding lights to a Christmas wreath can really brighten up the outside of your home at Christmas or it can add flare to a wall in your home. If you don't want to take the time to wrap a set of Christmas lights into an artificial Christmas wreath that you already have, you can purchase a lighted Christmas wreath. This will save you the trouble of stringing it with your own lights, the wreath comes pre-strung.

For example: A 36 inch artificial Christmas wreath comes with 150 clear mini-lights that you plug into an outlet after you have hung the wreath where you want it. A wreath like this is also available at 24 inches around. If you would like, after you purchase a wreath such as this, you can add your own ribbon or other decorative touches to the wreath to give it even more of a Christmas feel.

If you would rather not decorate your own pre-lit Christmas wreath, you can also purchase, at a higher price, pre-lit Christmas wreaths that come decorated. You can find a pre-lit artificial Christmas wreath with a Thomas Kinkade Nativity scene on it.

If you would rather, you can purchase a pre-lit Christmas wreath with multi-colored lights that isn't decorated. This artificial wreath can be as wide as 36 inches and comes with 100 multi-colored mini-lights and will cost about $65. Many times wreaths are available for either indoor or outdoor use, but very often, not both. Therefore, if you want to purchase an outdoor artificial wreath, you will want to make sure it is made for outdoor use.

What Might a Santa Claus Wreath Have on It?

Santa Christmas Wreath

If you collect Santa Claus figurines or have a Santa theme in your house at Christmas time, why not decorate with a Santa Claus Christmas wreath to add to your decor?

A Santa Claus wreath may be made with artificial pine needles and can be about 24 inches around. A Santa Claus Christmas wreath may have a gorgeous ribbon snowflake design or other winter-themed scenes on it and will most likely have a Santa Claus somewhere attached onto the wreath. You can also expect to see added decorative touches to a Santa Claus wreath, such as red ball Christmas ornaments, pinecones and small gift-wrapped presents. If this type of wreath sounds like one you may want to decorate your home with at Christmas, try doing an Internet search for "Santa Claus Christmas Wreath" and see hundreds of sites that will offer a wreath that should suit you!

What are Dried Flower Wreaths?

Dried Wreaths

Dried wreaths are another option for decorating your home at Christmas time. You don't always have to purchase a plain evergreen wreath because it seems very Christmas-like; you can also display fabric wreaths and of course, dried flower wreaths, made just for Christmas.

A holiday wreath can be made with dried juniper and cedar leaves that have been preserved and for an added touch, dried caspia and red roses along with fake berries make up a beautiful dried wreath for Christmas. A wreath such as this will cost close to $70.

You could also choose a preserved cedar leaf wreath with seashells, sea grass and dried caspia throughout it. The touch of red adds a wonderful holiday feel to the wreath. A wreath similar to this will cost about $60.

Dried wreaths for Christmas are usually about 16 inches around, but can be smaller or larger. You can also have dried Christmas wreaths custom made just for you, at a higher price. If you wish, you can also make your own dried Christmas wreath. Check at a local craft store, which sell wreaths such as these, for instructions on how to make one.

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