Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

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Can I Make My Own Christmas Wreath?

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

You may have been pricing artificial Christmas wreaths and started thinking that it would be much cheaper to just make your own. You may have figured though that you couldn't possibly make your own Christmas wreath. Think again, it can be done!

Follow these basic directions to get you started:

1. You will need a thick metal wire that you can easily bend. Bend this wire into the shape you want your wreath, most likely a round shape. You can wrap this wire around something that is circular to give your wreath a perfect shape.

2. Purchase tree boughs or garland from a craft store, or use tree clippings from a live tree if you have one. You can then put these tree boughs into your wire by either wrapping it around the wire if you are using artificial boughs that have wire, or by hot gluing them. Do this all around the entire metal part of your wreath.

3. You can then hot glue any additional decorations you may want on your Christmas wreath, such as holly, beads, wooden Christmas buttons, ribbon, etc, anything to dress up the wreath to your liking.

4. Hang your wreath on a wreath hanger! You have just made your own Christmas wreath!



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