How to Hang Your Wreath

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What are Some Options for Hanging a Wreath?

How to Hang Your Wreath

If you have a Christmas wreath you want to hang, but aren't quite sure how to go about doing it, you have several options.

If you are hanging your Christmas wreath on your front door or any door for that matter, you can use an over the door wreath hanger. These wreath hangers resemble a hook and often come in plastic and metal. One part of the wreath hanger fits snugly over the top of the door while the hook part hangs down for the wreath to be hung from. This is a popular option when hanging a wreath on a door and usually cost less than $10.

If you are hanging a Christmas wreath outside on your house, you will most likely not want to pound a nail to do this. If your home has vinyl siding you can purchase special vinyl siding hangers to attach to the siding and hang your wreath. These metal or plastic hook-like pieces are easy to install under your vinyl siding, you simply rock the top part of the hanger under the area of siding you want it, and snap it, then you are ready to hang your wreath. The best part about these special vinyl siding hangers is that they remove easily with a little pull that doesn't damage your home. These cost about $20 for a set of four and are found just about at any retailer during the Christmas season.

If you want a wreath hanger for over your door and you want one that doesn't swing like other over-the-door wreath hangers do, there are actually over-the-door wreath hangers that will not swing. These no-swing wreath hangers come with adhesive-backed foam strips that protect your door from scratching and will not move off the door when it is opened. For about $30 you can get a pack of three no-swing wreath hangers.

However you decide to hang your Christmas wreath or wherever you decide to hang it, there are many options for you to choose from!



10/22/2011 10:18:56 PM
Janice said:

These are good tips but what if you need to hang the wreath on brick....I would like to hang one over my mantle in the living area and also on the brick outside....any suggestions?


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