Advent Wreaths

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What are Advent Wreaths?

Advent Wreaths

Many Christian faiths celebrate Advent. Advent is the waiting time before Christmas Day, the day Jesus was born. There are typically four Sundays before Christmas in which Christian's celebrate Advent. This is usually done at church (but it can be done at home, as well), where people recite readings and light candles that symbolize the meaning of Advent. Each Sunday a candle is lit, and many times these candles are set within a wreath that symbolizes eternity. There are five total candles, with one candle being lit each Sunday and the fifth candle being lit on Christmas Eve.

Advent wreaths are available for the public to purchase, thus allowing your family to celebrate Advent in your own home. You can purchase a children's Advent wreath that has Velcro candles made from fabric instead of handling a real, lit candle. You can also purchase a modern looking Advent wreath that is made of metal and holds four candles.

Advent wreaths most often do not come with the candles, so you will need to purchase the correct number and colors of candles, most likely taper candles, to put on whatever Advent wreath you choose.



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