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What are Lighted Plastic Decorations?

Lighted Plastic Decorations

Many people like to dress up their lawns at Christmas time by using plastic lawn decorations. Not only do these lawn decorations look nice, but they also are plastic so they can stay out in the snow, sleet or rain that comes at Christmas and not get damaged.

Plastic Christmas lawn decorations also light up, so your neighbors can enjoy them at night, also! One really neat, lighted plastic decoration is a lighted Nativity set that is sure to decorate a lawn in a stunning manner at Christmas. You can purchase individual plastic lighted decorations that will make up the entire Nativity. Try a 30 inch plastic Holy Family that includes Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. These plastic lawn decorations require light bulbs and are electrical so you will need an outlet to plug the cord into so the light bulb lights up. If you want the Three Wise Men, you will have to spend about $45 for these important Nativity participants. These are also made of plastic and will require light bulbs and the need to plug them in.

The Nativity is not the only lighted plastic decoration available. You can find tons and tons of lighted decorations, from large plastic candles, large candy canes and various other types of lighted plastic decorations. Check with a local retailer at Christmas time to see what they have to offer.

One nice thing about these lighted plastic decorations is that you can use them either inside or outside, so you can decorate inside your home if you would rather!

What are Inflatable Lawn Decorations?

Inflatable Lawn Decorations

You may have seen these cool Christmas inflatable decorations in people's yards over the holidays. You can purchase inflatable lawn decorations for holidays other than Christmas, but Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year to inflate a lawn decoration in your yard.

Many inflatable Christmas decorations resemble snow globes, you know those toys you had as a child that you shake and it looks like it is snowing. Now you can have a giant version of the snow globe in your front yard, thanks to Christmas inflatable decorations. While shopping for inflatable lawn decorations you may run into a four-foot snow globe that has a snowman and penguin inside. This inflatable Christmas decoration self-inflates with its own fan and is made of nylon to stand up to the elements. It even comes with stakes to help hold it in place.

If you want something even bigger, you can think about purchasing an eight-foot inflatable snow globe with three cute snowmen standing inside the globe surrounded by blowing snow.

If you would rather have something other than a snow globe, why not look into a six-foot inflatable Disney lawn decoration? This cute inflatable lawn decoration features Mickey and Minnie in a sleigh with Pluto acting as a reindeer pulling them along. This Christmas inflatable decoration is made of nylon and easily inflates on its own.

Each year inflatables progress in their features. The newest ones feature animated elements.

What are Christmas Car Magnets?

Christmas Car Magnets

You can dress up your mailbox at Christmas, you can dress up the inside of your house and the outside with Christmas decorations and even your trees get pretty twinkling lights to spruce them up. What about your car? Doesn't your car deserve to send a holiday greeting or get in on the holiday spirit as well?

If you want to include your car in your holiday decorating, why not slap a Christmas magnet on the outside of it and call it decorated? But wait, these aren't your ordinary small magnets you put on your fridge, these magnets are made especially for cars, called car magnets. The great news about these car magnets is that they are made from a special material, which won't fade from sunlight or other weather extremes.

Christmas car magnets are about seven inches tall and five inches wide and come in a few Christmas themed magnets just for your car. One Christmas car magnet is that of the Nativity. This black and white car magnet has a beaming North Star, the Holy Family and the words "Merry Christmas" in black and white.

You can also choose a "Joy" car magnet for Christmas as well. The words "Joy" are written in bold red colors with a Nativity scene and the North Star set within the letter O in the word "Joy."

What are Outdoor Snowflakes?

Outdoor Snowflakes

If you like the look of falling snow or how the big snowflakes look as they are falling from the sky, you may like the look of outdoor snowflakes for decorating the outside of your home. These hanging rope lights are 27 inches tall and come with a loop at the top for easy hanging. The three snowflakes are blue and clear in color and are made with rope lights in the shape of snowflakes. These snowflakes are so cool that they change colors from blue to clear and back to blue over and over again, or you can choose to keep one color by using the "steady" mode on the snowflake.

You can also purchase these outdoor snowflakes in a 24-inch size, 25-inch size and 36-inch size, all with the changing color option. If you would rather, you can also hang these snowflakes inside your home, but why do that? Why not hang them where other people can see them and enjoy them?

What are Yard Cards?

Yard Cards

For a fun touch to your yard this Christmas why not try decorating with something a bit different? A yard card is certainly a way to add some whimsy to your yard during the holidays. Yard cards are made from nylon and resemble a greeting card because they open from the middle and are staked into the ground. Yard cards cost about $25 online and are a really fun idea to add some Christmas to your yard.

You can choose a lighted snowman yard card, which features a snowman's face and "Let it Snow" in bright letters. The yard card lights up thanks to a small spotlight, which shines on the card and is plugged in. The spotlight is actually included with the purchase of the card, but you will need your own light bulb. If you would rather, you could also choose a card with penguins building a snowman and "Let it Snow" on it. This costs the same as the other yard card. Either choice is sure to complete your outdoor Christmas decorations. You can shop for these yard cards online and you may be able to find them in retail shops during the Christmas season.

What are Holographic Decorations?

Holographic Outdoor Decorations

There are some pretty cool Christmas decorations for your lawn out there. Holographic outdoor Christmas decorations are definitely cool outdoor Christmas decorations!

If you haven't ever seen a holographic Christmas decoration you are in for a treat when you do! During the daytime, the holograph part of the decoration will make your Christmas decorations light up your lawn and at night when the decoration is plugged in, twinkling lights will make your holographic lawn decoration come to life and cast a beautiful glow over your yard.

You can find holographic outdoor decor that lines your driveway. Holographic gift boxes that are a great way to dress up your driveway. Using the lawn stakes that come with the set of five holographic gift boxes, you place the decorations in the grass next to your driveway, so that they are lining it. You can connect up to three sets of holographic gift boxes together to line an entire drive. Plug them in and you will have a beautiful path decorated just for Christmas.

If you don't want to line your driveway with cool holographic decorations, you can also purchase individual holographic decorations, such as a holographic reindeer. This reindeer is sure to add a great touch to your outdoor decorations and when plugged in, it lights up wherever you place it.

Holographic Christmas decorations are a sparkly way to decorate your home, inside and out!

What are Outdoor Lighted Shapes?

Outdoor Lighted Shapes

Outdoor Christmas lights are certain to brighten any night during Christmas time. Besides outdoor Christmas lights, you can also decorate your yard with outdoor-lighted shapes. These outdoor-lighted shapes are sure to impress your neighbors and anyone driving by.

There are many ways to add Christmas cheer to your neighborhood with outdoor lights. Strings of miniature lights, C-7s and C-9s, LED, net and rope lights and lighted blow molded plastic figures and pathways lights are all available to add to sparkle to your home.

Outdoor-lighted shapes are just what they sound like. A wire-framed shape that is outlined in lights so that in the dark people looking at it can tell what the shape is thanks to the lights around it. You can find outdoor-lighted shapes in the shape of the Nativity, to a wire-framed Shepherd tending his flock, a wire-framed Christmas tree or a wire-framed snowman. These outdoor-lighted Christmas decorations are easy to set up also, simply insert them into the ground with the attached stakes and enjoy your new Christmas decoration!

What is a Mailbox Decoration?

Mailbox Decor

Do you want to decorate your mailbox during the holiday season? You aren't alone if you do. You can do some shopping around for a magnetic mailbox cover that attaches around your mailbox and decorates it for Christmas.

Again, most often these mailbox covers are magnetic, so if you don't have a metal mailbox, you will obviously not want to purchase one because it won't stick. These mailbox covers are called MailWraps and really do add a touch of Christmas to your mailbox.

Choose from a Santa Claus scene that depicts Santa Claus and his reindeer flying over homes. Or you can purchase a MailWrap in which a snowman is tooting a horn to celebrate the season. If neither of these are what you are looking for, why not go for the Nativity mailbox cover or one that simply says, "Merry Christmas" in beautiful lettering. Whichever you choose, it will come with an all-weather and fade resistant material and it includes vinyl numbers so you can put your address on the cover. To ensure your mailbox cover isn't stolen, these covers also come with locking straps so no one can steal your cute decorative cover.

Mailbox covers are a unique way to decorate for Christmas in an unlikely spot: your mailbox.

Where Can I Find Local Christmas Light Displays?

Where to Find Local Christmas Light Displays

Have you been wondering where you can find local outdoor Christmas light and decoration displays near you? You have several options for locating the best displays that you and your family can enjoy.

Check Bronners.com for the brightest Christmas light displays throughout the country. You will see a map of the United States that has places marked with stars. If you click on a star it will take you to the address of the lights location and a description of what the home is decorated with. People can also write comments about what they think of the display because a picture of the display pops up for people to see. This is a cool idea and a neat way to locate local Christmas light and decoration displays near you. You can even post your own home on this site!

Sometimes organizations that put up light displays donate proceeds to a charity. Pack up the hot chocolate and cookies, pop some Christmas music into the minivan, and take a neighborhood tour for holiday cheer.

Another way to find Christmas light displays in your area is to check your local television stations. Very often TV websites will have lists of local streets that offer cool lights to see and of course, they have lists of the larger displays that are often put on in parks or other areas that people can drive through to view.

You may also want to check your newspaper for a list of local outdoor Christmas light displays, because many times newspapers will run lists of them each week. Be warned, if you go to see a large display that is put on by an organization, you may have to pay to enter. If you don't want to pay money to see Christmas light displays, then sticking to neighborhoods is probably your best bet for seeing some neat Christmas lights.

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