Outdoor Lighted Shapes

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What are Outdoor Lighted Shapes?

Outdoor Lighted Shapes

Outdoor Christmas lights are certain to brighten any night during Christmas time. Besides outdoor Christmas lights, you can also decorate your yard with outdoor-lighted shapes. These outdoor-lighted shapes are sure to impress your neighbors and anyone driving by.

There are many ways to add Christmas cheer to your neighborhood with outdoor lights. Strings of miniature lights, C-7s and C-9s, LED, net and rope lights and lighted blow molded plastic figures and pathways lights are all available to add to sparkle to your home.

Outdoor-lighted shapes are just what they sound like. A wire-framed shape that is outlined in lights so that in the dark people looking at it can tell what the shape is thanks to the lights around it. You can find outdoor-lighted shapes in the shape of the Nativity, to a wire-framed Shepherd tending his flock, a wire-framed Christmas tree or a wire-framed snowman. These outdoor-lighted Christmas decorations are easy to set up also, simply insert them into the ground with the attached stakes and enjoy your new Christmas decoration!



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