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Is a fiber optic Christmas tree a good idea?

Have Fun With an LED Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

If you are serious about being green, you'll love the LED pre-lit Christmas tree. These trees offer safe and easy Christmas décor. When
you own a pre-lit LED tree, you can forget about struggling with tangled strings of lights and concentrate on adding pretty ornaments and garland. As you shop for your new time saving tree, you should:

Think about fire safety. Unlike a tree decorated with standard Christmas tree bulbs, trees decorated with LED lighting technology are do not create heat. This means you can drape tinsel and other flammable materials on the tree without worrying about having the
tree branches catch fire from overheated bulbs. Be kind to the environment. These trees use less energy than standard lighted Christmas trees. By using a tree that saves on electricity, you'll be creating less pollution. It doesn't hurt to find out that your new tree will help you keep your electric bill lower, either.

Think about longevity. This technology usually lasts for several decades. Few people hang onto an artificial tree for longer than 10 or 20 years, which means your new pre-lit artificial tree should work well for as long as you want to use it.

What should I consider when purchasing an artificial Christmas tree?

Choosing the Best Artificial Christmas Tree for Your Space

Choosing the perfect artificial Christmas tree can be a daunting task, especially if you really have no idea what would work best for you. First you need to decide where you want to put the tree. If you have limited space you will want to consider a smaller tree that doesn't take up too much space. You don't want the tree to overwhelm the room it is in. If you live in a small apartment or house then a four to five foot tree may work best for you simply because its size will not be too much for a small area.

If you have a large space to work with then a larger tree would be an obvious choice. If you have a small tree in a large space, the tree can get lost in the space and you don't want that to happen. You want your tree to be a focal point in the room, not a tree that disappears because it's too small. If you have high ceilings you can pick an even taller tree than you would if your home had standard size ceilings. Artificial Christmas trees can be slim or wide and again, you won't want to get a very wide tree if you have a very narrow space to put it.

In addition, you will want to take into consideration the price of an artificial tree. The more expensive the tree the longer it will last and the more realistic it appears.

Is a singing Christmas tree available?

Catch the Christmas Spirit With a Singing Christmas Tree

You struggle to connect all your high tech surround sound equipment, adjust the CD player's volume and check all your connections a final time. Then, you put a Christmas music CD in the player and get ready to enjoy some of your family's favorite tunes as you decorate the tree. Unfortunately, the CD seems to be scratched. As you try to find a radio station that is playing Christmas music, you realize that what you need is a singing Christmas tree.

Singing Christmas trees come in a variety of styles. You can find animated, cartoonish trees that are sure to be a hit with children or you can find artificial trees that are simply strung with lights that contain a music chip. For people who prefer live trees, a musical stand turns any tree into a singing Christmas tree.

As you set up your new tree, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. To make sure everyone can enjoy the tree, you should:

  • Be sure that toddlers do not go near the tree when they are unsupervised. Whether you have an animated tree or a traditional tree with musical lights, children will be even more attracted to this Christmas tree than usual. You don't want celebrations to end with the crash of a toppling tree.
  • Consider turning off the music once in awhile, especially if the tree only plays a few tunes. This helps you keep the idea of a singing tree fresh and enjoyable.

What is so great about traditional artificial Christmas trees?

Why Choose a Traditional Artificial Christmas Tree?

Many people want to celebrate Christmas with a traditional Christmas tree but don't want the hassle of cutting down and taking care of a live Christmas tree. This is when artificial Christmas trees come in handy- you simply take the tree out of storage, follow the directions and up pops your Christmas tree. It was once thought that artificial Christmas trees looked, well, artificial. This is hardly the case in this day and age. Artificial Christmas trees look more real than some actual live trees, and they last a lot longer, are fire retardant and come pre-lit so you don't have to untangle strings of lights to put on the tree.

The best part about purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is that you have a wide variety to choose from if you want to go the traditional tree route. You can choose from varying heights of trees, from as small as four feet to as tall as 14 feet. You can pick a wide-flocked tree, an un-flocked tree or a slim tree. If you like a tree with all one color of lights, don't fret, those are available as well and if you like multi-color lights on your tree, those are available too. You can choose from trees that look like pine trees, fir trees, or even an Olympia Blue tree. The world is your oyster when it comes to traditional artificial Christmas trees.

Remember; don't worry that an artificial Christmas tree will look fake; those days are long gone. Artificial Christmas trees are more realistic than ever and with reasonable pricing, very economical. And as far as the bottom of the tree goes, you can cover any artificial area with a beautiful Christmas tree skirt.

What are Flocked Christmas Trees?

Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

Are you looking for an artificial Christmas tree that has fake snow all over it? If so, then a flocked artificial Christmas tree is what you are looking for. A flocked tree is one that is covered in snow, or fake snow that looks real, a tree that makes you think you just cut it down from a snowy moutain side and brought it into your home. This is what a flocked artificial Christmas tree is.

You can even have your choice on how much "flock" or snow you want on your artificial Christmas tree. If you want a flocked tree that still shows the green that is a Christmas tree, then you will want to pick a flocked tree that isn't heavily covered in snow. But, if you want a tree that looks like it has sat outside in a blizzard, you will want to pick a heavily flocked tree, because it will come fully equipped with tons of snow. The great thing about purchasing a flocked artificial Christmas tree is that you can find trees that offer lots of flocking or just a touch and you can find flocked trees that are pre-lit or trees that you must put your own lights on. There is a flocked artificial Christmas tree out there for every taste.

Be prepared to pay for the flock on your, depending on how big the tree is and where you purchase it, and how much flock is on your tree, you could pay over $600 or more for a tree. Then again, bringing the outside into your home at Christmas time makes the season even merrier!

What are some non-traditional or unique artificial Christmas trees?

Unique Artificial Christmas Trees

A unique artificial Christmas tree is one that you won't typically be able to purchase in a nationwide retailer. Instead, you may have to do some searching to find it, but once you do, you're sure to love the creativity that comes with purchasing an artificial Christmas tree that is not your typical run-of-the mill tree.

If traditional is hardly your style, then why not choose a tree that isn't green? You can choose from a pre-lit black tree that stands over seven feet. If black isn't your color of choice, you can pick from a wide variety of artificial Christmas tree colors, from red to purple to white. It can be fun to think outside of the box at Christmas time and having a tree that is brightly or differently colored certainly allows you to do so. Prices and sizes vary for these trees, but remember, the work is done for you as you can purchase these trees pre-lit and ready to easily assemble.

Another unique artificial Christmas tree is the upside down tree which are available at many online retailers. This tree stands upside down and is used by many for a unique tree display, but also to save on floor space as the narrow top part of the tree is in the tree stand and the wide part of the tree is pointed up towards the ceiling. This type of tree is sure to be a conversation starter in any household and can be purchased for as little as $150 for a smaller tree or up to $500 for a larger one.

If you want to stay away from the look of a traditional tree, you may want to look at spiral artificial Christmas trees. A spiral tree is not only unique but also is a more distinguished way to show off a unique holiday look. Trees such as these come in various sizes and range in price from less than $175 to over $300 and are generally pre-lit in clear or white lights.

People who want a non-traditional artificial Christmas tree are certainly in luck with all of the fun choices available.

What are Artificial Half Trees?

New Trends in Artficial Trees: Half Trees

There are some pretty cool trends sweeping the nation as far as artificial Christmas trees go. One cool concept is catching on more and more each Christmas: the half tree.

A half tree is an artificial Christmas tree that looks like a normal tree, has big beautiful branches that jut out from the tree, just like normal trees. But, if you turn the tree from the side in which the branches jut out to the other side, you will notice that one side is flat. Essentially, you are getting a half of a tree that looks like an entire tree!

You may be wondering why someone would want a half tree. This is an easy answer, space! People often don't have enough floor space to put a Christmas tree up, even when it is put in a corner. A tree often stands out too far and takes up too much space. This is where the half tree comes in handy. You can simply purchase a half tree, put it in the corner of a room and no one will be any the wiser that your tree is downsized.

Half trees look just like regular artificial Christmas trees and even come with a stand to place the tree on. Half trees really are space savers! If you are looking for a half tree, try doing an Internet search for them or checking with a retail store during the holiday season. Prices will vary for every artificial half tree, just like they do with regular artificial trees, it depends on the size of the tree and if it is pre-lit.

Are there any good uses for a miniature Christmas tree?

Uses for a Miniature Christmas Tree

As you decorate your home for Christmas, you realize that one of your electric window candles has burned out. Now you have to run to the store in rush hour traffic to buy a bulb or you'll have to leave the bay window empty. As you try to decide whether you really want to sit at the stop light for five minutes, you notice the miniature Christmas tree still hasn't been set up. Minutes later, it is shining away on the window sill. Because of their small size, miniature Christmas trees are very versatile. Besides substituting these little trees for electric candles, you could:

  • Set up a tree on a child's desk or bureau. Select trees that use greener, safer technology, such as a mini fiber optics tree, and you won't have to worry about whether your child forgot to turn the tree off for the night.

  • Bring the Christmas spirit to work by setting up a tree on your desk. Decorate it with personalized ornaments to give to your coworkers.
  • Place mini trees on each step of a wide stairway or line them across a fireplace hearth. These little trees make a big statement when they are grouped together.

Are there any ways to make a fake Christmas tree look realistic?

Making a Fake Christmas Tree Look Realistic

When you use an artificial tree that was designed to look
like a real pine tree, it can be disappointing to spend a lot of time decorating it, only to have it look like an obviously fake tree. However, an artificial tree does not have to look like fake. There are several things you can do to help your artificial tree look more realistic:

Think about buying a tree that is designed to look as realistic as possible. Polyethylene trees are one good option, but most good quality imitation white pine, fir and spruce trees also look quite
realistic. Big trees are usually more likely to appear real than small
ones, since they are tree sized.

Gently bend branches to mimic the way a tree grows. If you look at trees growing outside, you'll see that the branches aren't all
perfectly spaced and pointing in the same direction. Some should curve
upwards and one or two of them should hang. As you rearrange the branches to make them seem more realistic, just be sure to be careful to avoid bending the part of the branch that slides into the slot on the tree's pole. Instead, concentrate on adjusting the tips and middle sections on the branches.

Can I buy an already decorated Christmas tree?

Make the Holidays Easy With a Decorated Christmas Tree

As you make a mad dash for the oven to save the cookies from burning, you realize that you are still clutching a ribbon in your hand. You drop the ribbon, quickly put the cookies on cooling racks and check the time. Eight minutes until the family comes home and you still have seven gifts to wrap. On top of that, you need to lay out fresh outfits so they can all get ready to go to dinner at Aunt Sue's. You rush back to your gift wrapping station and glance at the tree. It is still not decorated. Perhaps you can all work together to get it done tonight, but you usually don't leave family gatherings very early. What you need is an already decorated Christmas tree.

For those who still want to add their own special touches and hang cherished family ornaments, pre-lit trees are a great option. These trees simply alleviate the time and frustration involved in untangling lights and wrapping them attractively around the tree, only to discover they don't work. You can find pre-lit trees with different lighting options, from clear lights to blinking colored lights.

A pre-decorated Christmas tree is completely ready to go. Besides being pre-lit, this type of tree actually has ornamental touches, like bows, poinsettia blossoms, pine cones and balls, already on it.

Are Christmas palm trees easy to decorate?

Celebrate the Holidays in Warm Climates With a Tropical Themed Artificial Tree

If you live in a place where it is sunny year-round, you may want to consider an artificial tree decorating scheme that reflects your environment instead of using one of the more traditional snowy Christmas themes.

When you decorate your tree, you can opt to use traditional garland
material, but don't be afraid to have fun utilizing decorations that reflect your surroundings. Leis, strings of shells and chains of artificial hibiscus flowers can all add a touch of local color to the tree.

You may also want to consider using ornaments with a local
theme. Fish, turtles, palm trees and alligators are great for a sea life theme. Surfboards, boats and Santas lounging in hammocks strung between palm trees are perfect for a beach theme. Don't forget to take a look at novelty Christmas lights. Sea shells and Tiki lights are just a few of the light sets with sea and beach themes that you can choose from.

For Florida sun lovers, pink flamingos are a traditional symbol. You can shop for flamingo ornaments, but why not take the theme a bit further with a few other decorations? Strings of flamingo shaped
lights or pink feather lights are a great choice, too.

Is a ceramic Christmas tree a good idea?

Go Retro With a Ceramic Christmas Tree

If you have a small space that doesn't reflect the Christmas spirit, why not dress it up with a ceramic Christmas tree? These charming little trees, which were very popular several decades ago, are seeing a resurgence in popularity.

Because they are compact and easy to move, there are many fun options for decorating an area with a ceramic tree. To quickly add a Christmassy touch to undecorated areas of your home, consider the following:

  • <!--[if !supportLists]--> Use a small ceramic tree as a centerpiece on the dining room table or on a buffet. You won't have to worry about the problems caused by traditional holiday centerpieces, such as evergreen needles getting into food or children playing with candle flames.
  • <!--[if !supportLists]--> Create an entire retro display. Group aluminum Christmas trees, ceramic trees and a funky pink feather tree together. The assorted sizes and types of trees really make this display memorable.
  • Make a vignette using a ceramic tree as a backdrop. Place a children's miniature train set around the base of the tree and add houses from your favorite Christmas village line. This idea is perfect for people who want the nostalgic feel of a train under the Christmas tree, but don't have enough room for a full sized tree or train set.

Are there any artificial Christmas tree options for small spaces?

Selecting an Artificial Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

If you have limited space, decorating for Christmas can be a bit frustrating. When you can barely squeeze a loveseat into a living room too small for a full sized sofa, finding room to set up a big artificial Christmas tree probably seems as likely as getting that new Viper sports car as a gift. Luckily, since quite a few people struggle with space issues, there are several smart solutions.

Half trees look just like those space hogging full size artificial trees on one side. However, on the other side, they are completely flat. This means your tree may look like it is an impressive six to eight feet around at its widest point, but it only takes up three to four feet of your valuable floor space. These trees even have a floor stand, which means you can still use that tree skirt you love and you will be able to keep up the tradition of piling the younger children's gifts under the tree.

Wall trees are another great choice for limited space. Since they literally hang on the wall, they don't use a floor stand, but they still look like a full-size tree that is tucked into a little nook or a corner.

Do artificial Christmas trees have any special benefits?

The Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

After sweeping pine needles for the tenth day in a row, you aren't feeling very merry. All of the hassle of maintaining a fresh-cut Christmas tree is really gets old. Luckily, there is another option for people who love decorating for Christmas but don't like to spend a lot of time cleaning. Artificial Christmas trees are perfect for people who don't want to worry about performing maintenance tasks when they could be spending time with their families. These trees have several very convenient benefits for busy people:

  • You don't have to worry about adding water to the tree's container to keep it from dropping all of its pine needles before the Christmas holiday. You also don't need to worry about adding preservatives, such as bleach, to increase the tree's longevity.
  • You can stop worrying about creating fire hazards. While dried trees have the potential to go up in flames if a nearby candle topples over, artificial trees are designed to have flame retardant properties.
  • There is no need to spend time hunting for a decent looking tree at picked over tree lots every year. Simply pull your beautiful, nicely shaped artificial tree out of storage and start decorating.

Are There Colored Artificial Christmas Trees?

Colored Artificial Trees

If a regular green artificial Christmas tree is too bland for you, you may want to consider purchasing a colored artificial Christmas tree to add a splash of color to your Christmas.

You can purchase an artificial Christmas tree that has white branches and pinecones, which is lovely. But just wait until you plug in the lights that come installed on the tree, these blue lights will light up your white artificial Christmas tree to a gorgeous blue. If you love blue lights on a house at Christmas or blue lights on your green Christmas tree, just wait until you try them against a white tree! Prices can go as high as $400, so you will be paying for this lovely artificial Christmas tree, but it will be so worth it!

You can also purchase a white artificial Christmas tree without the blue lights. Many white Christmas trees come pre-lit with clear or white lights, which just add to the tree's beauty. You can get a tree that is between seven and nine feet tall. Prices on these white artificial trees vary depending on the size, but expect to pay anywhere from $200 to almost $500 at an online Christmas store or any major retailer that offers them.

Colored artificial Christmas trees also can come in other colors, such as black, red and blue, so you don't have to limit yourself to a white tree with colored lights. Your choices for colored trees are so numerous; you may want to purchase one for your next Christmas celebration to brighten up the house!

What is an Artificial Christmas Topiary?

Artificial Christmas Topiary

If an artificial Christmas tree is not what you are looking for, you may want to look into purchasing an artificial Christmas topiary. A topiary is a smaller version of a tree, one that often comes with a matching topiary to provide balance when decorating.

Artificial Christmas topiaries can range in height from small to large, but most often you will find the average height to be about two feet tall. Artificial Christmas topiaries can also be used as a decoration in rooms in which you want to decorate with a Christmas tree, but don't want to put up an entire tree. For example, maybe you want to put Christmas trees in each of your children's rooms, but you don't want to buy an actual large artificial Christmas tree. You can purchase an artificial Christmas topiary to decorate their room. Or, you can use just a single topiary as a Christmas tree in any room. These are very versatile decorations at Christmas time!

You can even find topiaries that are decorated for Christmas with bows, berries and other pretty Christmas accessories. Artificial Christmas topiaries also can come pre-lit, so you don't have to mess with putting Christmas lights on them. An artificial Christmas topiary, depending on how large and how decorated they are, can run you over $70, but as previously mentioned, you sometimes get two!

What is an Upside Down Christmas Tree?

Upside Down Pre-Lit Trees?

Have you heard of another new trend in Christmas trees, the upside down Christmas tree? These types of pre-lit Christmas trees are becoming ever more popular each passing Christmas season. What is the big deal about upside down pre-lit Christmas trees?

For one, upside down Christmas trees are space savers just like half trees. An upside down artificial Christmas tree can be hung from the wall of your home with the larger portion of the tree at the top of the area you hang the tree and the skinny portion of the tree hanging downwards. And like the half tree, an upside pre-lit artificial Christmas tree has only the front half of the tree, the back half is flat for an easy fit against the wall.

You can decorate the part of the tree that isn't flat with ornaments and decorations and then follow the directions to hang the tree on the wall in the corner of the room or elsewhere. An upside down pre-lit artificial Christmas tree can come with up to 300 lights and in many cases you can pick from clear lights or colored lights. These types of trees can be as wide as five feet or smaller and range in price depending on how large of an upside down pre-lit tree you choose.

An upside down pre-lit Christmas tree is another fun and unique way to celebrate Christmas.

What are Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees?

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Every year it may feel like the same old thing. You drag out your artificial Christmas tree and find the big box of lights that you must wrap around the tree again and again. Don't forget that you most likely will need more than one string of lights, so you must be able to access the end of the light string to plug it into a new set of lights. Most people would agree that this is a time consuming task and perhaps the least favorite part of decorating the Christmas tree.

If you are one of those people, have you thought about purchasing a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree? Yes, artificial Christmas trees actually come with the lights already on them, so you don't have to do any of the light stringing yourself! You can even choose from clear or multi-colored lights. That's right, the grunt work is done for you! Simply follow the directions for putting up your artificial pre-lit Christmas tree, and plug it in! You will have a beautiful, sparkling Christmas tree in no time flat! Forget having to unwind endless string of lights, forget having to walk around and around the Christmas tree while you string the lights on it. You simply put the tree together and plug it in!

Most trees come directly from the artificial Christmas tree factory where an expert installs the lights. Your pre-lit artificial Christmas tree should also be flame retardant, make sure you check on the box before purchasing.

Artificial trees are also great because they don't create the same mess as real trees with falling pine needles and they don't need to be watered.

Lighting your Christmas tree has never been so easy! You can purchase a pre-lit Christmas tree in many different sizes for various prices at many different retail and online stores.

What are Some Types of Artificial Christmas Trees?

Types of Artificial Trees

Many people have artificial Christmas trees in their homes, if you have one you are certainly not alone in your choice! If you have one you may also know that the selection of different artificial trees is quite vast, you can pretty much find any type of artificial Christmas tree you can think of.

Depending on where you purchase your artificial Christmas tree, you will most likely have several choices. From fir tree choices, such as an Oxford Fir to a Grand Fir tree, you can find a fir! If you want you can purchase an artificial Tannenbaum tree in several different sizes. If this still doesn't tickle your fancy, you can choose from a California Spruce or a Snowcrust Waterdrop or a Garden Slim artificial tree. Your choices are many!

If you are worried that purchasing an artificial Christmas tree may result in a Christmas tree that looks fake or isn't big enough, don't think twice about it. You can get artificial Christmas trees from small all the way to 10 feet tall, all which look extremely realistic. Now that you know how endless your artificial Christmas tree choices are, be prepared to purchase one from a website or retail store. Prices will vary, but be prepared to spend between $100 and $300. You can't put a price on Christmas celebrating, and it wouldn't be Christmas without a tree!

Are there any nontraditional Christmas décor options?

Shake Things Up With Nontraditional Christmas Décor

Your parents have always enjoyed decorating the house with a lovely fresh cut pine tree. However, now that you are starting a family of your own, you want to shake things up a bit and create some of your own Christmas traditions. You want nontraditional Christmas décor that makes a statement about your individuality. There has to be an artificial tree that will match your fun and creative decorating style.

Some unique tree options that look very different from traditional trees are ribbon trees, feather trees and trees with nontraditional colors.

  • Ribbon trees are made with loops of bright red, green or gold ribbons. These trees are perfect for adding a holiday ambience to small spaces. They are not quite two feet tall, but with their colorful and unique appearance, they will attract plenty of attention.
  • Feather trees are perfect for country decor or for people who like a tree that reminds them of the Charlie Brown Christmas story, but still looks attractive. At up to four feet in height, these trees are big enough to be the family's main tree and compact enough to easily fit into a small room. The limited number of branches on these trees is a plus for people who are just starting their ornament collections or for those who want to highlight a few meaningful pieces.
  • Traditional looking artificial trees in nontraditional colors are perfect for a color themed Christmas. Silver trees with pink balls, gold trees with green or blue balls or black trees with white balls are great options for someone looking for nontraditional Christmas décor.

What are Some Unique Artificial Christmas Trees?

Unique Artificial Christmas Trees

Are you looking for a Christmas tree that won't be like everyone else's on the block? Having some trouble figuring out how to be unique and celebrate Christmas at the same time? Don't fret, there are artificial Christmas trees that are unique, if that is what you are hoping to find.

If you are looking for a really unique tree, you may want to check out a 36 or 48-inch feather tree in a pot. This type of artificial tree is usually either three or four feet tall and rather than having normal Christmas tree branches, it has widely spaced branches that feather out from the middle of the tree. The branches bend for easy storage somewhere. These feather trees are not only unique, but they are also fun ways to display smaller ornaments that may get lost in a bigger tree. Prices vary depending on where you purchase the tree, but expect to pay $30 or more. You can't put a price on fun at Christmas time though!

Perhaps anything that actually resembles an artificial Christmas tree in the traditional sense still isn't something for you. Why not purchase an artificial palm tree that is pre-lit with lights that you plug in? Besides not being a traditional Christmas tree, they are fun and funky ways to spruce up your home at Christmas. Most artificial Christmas palm trees are pre-lit with rope lights and some are even holographic. Prices range from $50 to over $100, depending on the size of the artificial Christmas palm tree you purchase. Search online to find a place to purchase these trees.

Remember, even at Christmas time no one said you must be traditional and put up a regular old tree, if you want funky and fun- go for it!

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