Uses for a Miniature Christmas Tree

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Are there any good uses for a miniature Christmas tree?

Uses for a Miniature Christmas Tree

As you decorate your home for Christmas, you realize that one of your electric window candles has burned out. Now you have to run to the store in rush hour traffic to buy a bulb or you'll have to leave the bay window empty. As you try to decide whether you really want to sit at the stop light for five minutes, you notice the miniature Christmas tree still hasn't been set up. Minutes later, it is shining away on the window sill. Because of their small size, miniature Christmas trees are very versatile. Besides substituting these little trees for electric candles, you could:

  • Set up a tree on a child's desk or bureau. Select trees that use greener, safer technology, such as a mini fiber optics tree, and you won't have to worry about whether your child forgot to turn the tree off for the night.

  • Bring the Christmas spirit to work by setting up a tree on your desk. Decorate it with personalized ornaments to give to your coworkers.
  • Place mini trees on each step of a wide stairway or line them across a fireplace hearth. These little trees make a big statement when they are grouped together.



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