Catch the Christmas Spirit With a Singing Christmas Tree

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Is a singing Christmas tree available?

Catch the Christmas Spirit With a Singing Christmas Tree

You struggle to connect all your high tech surround sound equipment, adjust the CD player's volume and check all your connections a final time. Then, you put a Christmas music CD in the player and get ready to enjoy some of your family's favorite tunes as you decorate the tree. Unfortunately, the CD seems to be scratched. As you try to find a radio station that is playing Christmas music, you realize that what you need is a singing Christmas tree.

Singing Christmas trees come in a variety of styles. You can find animated, cartoonish trees that are sure to be a hit with children or you can find artificial trees that are simply strung with lights that contain a music chip. For people who prefer live trees, a musical stand turns any tree into a singing Christmas tree.

As you set up your new tree, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. To make sure everyone can enjoy the tree, you should:

  • Be sure that toddlers do not go near the tree when they are unsupervised. Whether you have an animated tree or a traditional tree with musical lights, children will be even more attracted to this Christmas tree than usual. You don't want celebrations to end with the crash of a toppling tree.
  • Consider turning off the music once in awhile, especially if the tree only plays a few tunes. This helps you keep the idea of a singing tree fresh and enjoyable.



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