Making a Fake Christmas Tree Look Realistic

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Are there any ways to make a fake Christmas tree look realistic?

Making a Fake Christmas Tree Look Realistic

When you use an artificial tree that was designed to look
like a real pine tree, it can be disappointing to spend a lot of time decorating it, only to have it look like an obviously fake tree. However, an artificial tree does not have to look like fake. There are several things you can do to help your artificial tree look more realistic:

Think about buying a tree that is designed to look as realistic as possible. Polyethylene trees are one good option, but most good quality imitation white pine, fir and spruce trees also look quite
realistic. Big trees are usually more likely to appear real than small
ones, since they are tree sized.

Gently bend branches to mimic the way a tree grows. If you look at trees growing outside, you'll see that the branches aren't all
perfectly spaced and pointing in the same direction. Some should curve
upwards and one or two of them should hang. As you rearrange the branches to make them seem more realistic, just be sure to be careful to avoid bending the part of the branch that slides into the slot on the tree's pole. Instead, concentrate on adjusting the tips and middle sections on the branches.



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