New Trends in Artficial Trees: Half Trees

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What are Artificial Half Trees?

New Trends in Artficial Trees: Half Trees

There are some pretty cool trends sweeping the nation as far as artificial Christmas trees go. One cool concept is catching on more and more each Christmas: the half tree.

A half tree is an artificial Christmas tree that looks like a normal tree, has big beautiful branches that jut out from the tree, just like normal trees. But, if you turn the tree from the side in which the branches jut out to the other side, you will notice that one side is flat. Essentially, you are getting a half of a tree that looks like an entire tree!

You may be wondering why someone would want a half tree. This is an easy answer, space! People often don't have enough floor space to put a Christmas tree up, even when it is put in a corner. A tree often stands out too far and takes up too much space. This is where the half tree comes in handy. You can simply purchase a half tree, put it in the corner of a room and no one will be any the wiser that your tree is downsized.

Half trees look just like regular artificial Christmas trees and even come with a stand to place the tree on. Half trees really are space savers! If you are looking for a half tree, try doing an Internet search for them or checking with a retail store during the holiday season. Prices will vary for every artificial half tree, just like they do with regular artificial trees, it depends on the size of the tree and if it is pre-lit.



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