Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

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What are Flocked Christmas Trees?

Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees

Are you looking for an artificial Christmas tree that has fake snow all over it? If so, then a flocked artificial Christmas tree is what you are looking for. A flocked tree is one that is covered in snow, or fake snow that looks real, a tree that makes you think you just cut it down from a snowy moutain side and brought it into your home. This is what a flocked artificial Christmas tree is.

You can even have your choice on how much "flock" or snow you want on your artificial Christmas tree. If you want a flocked tree that still shows the green that is a Christmas tree, then you will want to pick a flocked tree that isn't heavily covered in snow. But, if you want a tree that looks like it has sat outside in a blizzard, you will want to pick a heavily flocked tree, because it will come fully equipped with tons of snow. The great thing about purchasing a flocked artificial Christmas tree is that you can find trees that offer lots of flocking or just a touch and you can find flocked trees that are pre-lit or trees that you must put your own lights on. There is a flocked artificial Christmas tree out there for every taste.

Be prepared to pay for the flock on your, depending on how big the tree is and where you purchase it, and how much flock is on your tree, you could pay over $600 or more for a tree. Then again, bringing the outside into your home at Christmas time makes the season even merrier!



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