Upside Down Pre-Lit Trees?

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What is an Upside Down Christmas Tree?

Upside Down Pre-Lit Trees?

Have you heard of another new trend in Christmas trees, the upside down Christmas tree? These types of pre-lit Christmas trees are becoming ever more popular each passing Christmas season. What is the big deal about upside down pre-lit Christmas trees?

For one, upside down Christmas trees are space savers just like half trees. An upside down artificial Christmas tree can be hung from the wall of your home with the larger portion of the tree at the top of the area you hang the tree and the skinny portion of the tree hanging downwards. And like the half tree, an upside pre-lit artificial Christmas tree has only the front half of the tree, the back half is flat for an easy fit against the wall.

You can decorate the part of the tree that isn't flat with ornaments and decorations and then follow the directions to hang the tree on the wall in the corner of the room or elsewhere. An upside down pre-lit artificial Christmas tree can come with up to 300 lights and in many cases you can pick from clear lights or colored lights. These types of trees can be as wide as five feet or smaller and range in price depending on how large of an upside down pre-lit tree you choose.

An upside down pre-lit Christmas tree is another fun and unique way to celebrate Christmas.



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