Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

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Are there any advantages to a Christmas tree storage bag?

Using a Christmas Tree Storage Bag Protects Your Investment

A few lucky people have an artificial Christmas tree storage area that has perfect humidity and never gets musty or damp. For these people, the tree's original box may survive for quite a few years. However, most people seem to end up with a torn or mildewed box after just one or two seasons. If you suffer from allergies, you probably really dread using that original box to repack your tree. Shopping for durable organizational products designed to store Christmas trees year after year is a smart solution for this problem, since you can simply wipe down the plastic surface of the container if it does get a bit mildewed.

One of the best products designed to hold artificial trees is the Christmas tree storage bag. This bag has several great design features. A tree storage bag is a good choice for protecting your artificial tree because:

  • It is much easier to carry than a big, bulky cardboard box, and a pair of sturdy handles makes the job even easier.
  • The shape of the bag makes it much easier to store in tight spaces. You can save quite a bit of room by not having to worry about fitting a big box with empty corners into your storage area.

What are some other Christmas storage tips?

Other Christmas Storage

Christmas always comes with lots of decorations and with lots of decorations comes lots of storage needs. What should you know when it comes to storing all of those Christmas decorations?

  • Store your Christmas decorations, including Christmas ornament storage, in clear containers. A clear container makes it easy to see what's inside the container and eliminates the need for wondering what's in that box year after year. In addition to labeling what's inside, it's a good idea to use clear containers.
  • Christmas lights can be difficult to store because they tend to get tangled up with each other when shoved into a box. Eliminate this by wrapping them around a toilet paper or paper towel cardboard roll and placing them inside of a box marked "Christmas Lights".
  • If you have garland made from beads, separate those from other decorations by placing them in their own container. Go a step further and place each string of beads in a plastic baggie inside of the container. The plastic baggie separates the strings, which means no beads to untangle each year.
  • When storing Christmas wreaths, use a box or container made especially for wreaths. You can find these at most retailers or online. This type of container helps the wreath keep its shape.

How can I make ornament storage easy?

Make Ornament Storage Easy

As you pull down another smashed shoe box to look for last year's Christmas lights, you wonder why you bothered to save last year's decorations in the first place. What you need is a way to make ornament storage easy for next year.

Wreath boxes, containers for glass bulbs and special holders for lights will keep your decorations neat and save storage space. You can even find storage containers designed to hold your leftover gift wrap and bows.

While you may be tempted use recycled shoe boxes, bags and other items to pinch a penny here and there, containers that aren't specifically designed to hold things simply don't work as well. Besides, if you are going to be buying new lights because the ones you put away last year are too mangled, the money you save on storage this year will be wasted on replacement decorations next year.

What are some types of Christmas storage containers?

Types of Christmas Storage Containers

If you are looking for the right container in which to store your Christmas ornaments you may feel overwhelmed when you walk into the store and see all that is available to you. Choices range from fairly basic plastic containers that are reasonably priced to more luxurious boxes lined in velvet that are bit pricier. However, you may wish to invest in a high end storage container to protect the beautiful personalized Christmas ornaments you have collected over the years.

It is generally recommended when storing Christmas ornaments to store them in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid. This type of ornament storage eliminates the worry of moisture seeping into the box and ruining the ornaments. There are several plastic ornament storage containers available. You can choose from a large plastic container called, fittingly enough, an ornament storage container. This type of container has cardboard ornament separators in which you put one ornament. The storage is layered and can store up to 100 ornaments depending on the size you purchase. You can get these containers with a removable lid or a wing lid and even with or without handles for easy carrying.

Another Christmas ornament storage container is made from metal and is similar in appearance to a metal file box. Like the plastic storage containers, this comes with a sturdy cardboard that separates the ornaments so that there will be no risk of breakage. If you want something that has a nicer appearance but also a higher price, then you can always look into a fabric lined storage box to store those ornaments. Usually decorated in a festive fabric that is appropriate for the holidays, these boxes also have ornament separators and can hold about 84 ornaments. Because it is made from fabric and is a box rather than a plastic container, you may wish to store this type of box in a place where there is little moisture. Beware though, this type of container will cost you around $90 or more, but is sturdy and easy to lift.

Are there any hints for Christmas ornament storage for oddly shaped items?

Easy Christmas Ornament Storage

When you are shopping for ornaments and other Christmas décor, storage is probably the last thing on your mind. You're too busy thinking about your desired colors and themes or whether that advent wreath will look right on the coffee table. You don't have time to worry about whether your current storage options will keep your ornaments safe. However, once Christmas is over, knowing that you can protect your ornaments until it is time to decorate the house again becomes a very important consideration.

One way to make sure you can quickly pack away your ornaments at the end of the holiday season is to shop for ornaments that come in a reusable package. Most ornament sets come in a reusable storage container that is designed to protect the sets when they aren't in use. This is an especially nice feature when the ornaments have a unique shape or are a bit larger than standard ornaments.

Another option to consider is using a Christmas tree storage bag to keep big, bulky items, such as wreaths and garland, protected until you need them again.

What are some things I should know about storing Christmas ornaments?

Best Christmas Ornament Storage Practices

Taking down the Christmas ornaments is usually a task in itself. As is perfecting the storage of said Christmas ornaments. Some Christmas ornament storage ideas that should help make this task a bit less daunting may help.

  • Wrapping your ornaments individually in tissue paper can help prevent broken ornaments and the disappointment that occurs when you pull a broken ornament out of a box as you decorate the tree.
  • Store your Christmas ornaments in an air-tight container or a specially made ornament storage box with individual compartments to protect them from storage damage.
  • If you feel you have too many bulky ornaments that are hard to store, try going through each ornament and donating those that you feel have no sentimental value or no longer hold any importance to you. Doing this will cut back on needing large containers for ornament storage.
  • In addition, if you do end up donating many Christmas ornaments and want to add some flair to your tree, try decorating it with ribbons and bows. Ribbons and bows take up very little space in ornament storage containers, thus making for no storage issues.
  • Make sure all of your ornament storage boxes are clearly marked and labeled with what is inside them. This way you won't be pulling out other Christmas decorations thinking they are Christmas ornaments and vice versa.

Are there any tips for getting wreaths ready for storing in wreath boxes?

Properly Storing Christmas Wreaths in Wreath Boxes

There are so many wreath options for the holidays. You can find advent wreaths, a classic indoor/outdoor artificial evergreen wreath or even a wreath ornament. Despite their different sizes and styles, all of these wreaths have one thing in common: At the end of the Christmas season, you will need to tuck them away in wreath boxes until next year.

Storing large artificial evergreen wreaths can be a fairly challenging job. Since a wreath can last for several years, it is important to complete the task properly. To store your wreath so that it looks great year after year, you should:

  • Remove any large bows from the wreath. If you bought a pre-decorated wreath, you should still be able to do this easily. Most wreaths that are decorated with ribbon have a bow that was tied separately and then fastened in place with a piece of florist wire. If you can't remove the bow, stuff the loops with tissue paper to help it keep its shape.
  • Dust the entire wreath. If it is not flocked and does not have any loose decorations on it, you may want to carefully vacuum it to be sure you get it clean.
  • Store the wreath in a wreath box or large plastic Christmas gift bag to help it stay clean until next year.

Are there any unique greeting card storage ideas?

Greeting Card Storage and Display Ideas

During the Christmas season, most people rack up large piles of greeting cards. Families, friends, acquaintances and service providers all send holiday wishes. While the first few cards are usually met with joy and anticipation, the deluge of mail soon becomes almost stressful. Cards topple off of the hall table and fall from the fireplace mantel. What you need are some good greeting card storage and display ideas.

One of the simplest ways to display your cards is to buy some extra strands of garland. Tack the garland to a window frame from side to side in a zig-zag fashion. Leave enough space on each row so that you are able to easily place the cards over the garland. As you receive each card, simply hang it on the garland so that the card's fold holds it in place. If you prefer to keep your window clutter free, you may want to hang garland on a fireplace mantel or loop it over a stair railing instead.

Another option for displaying cards is to shop for an artificial wall tree. This space saving tree can fit into some fairly tight spots. Punch a hole in each of the cards, thread a colorful piece of ribbon through the hole and tie it into a loop with an attractive bow. Hang the cards on the tree and you'll have a unique decorating scheme and a great way to display all of those holiday wishes.

Are there any tips for using Christmas storage boxes for fragile items?

Christmas Storage Boxes for Fragile Items

If can take a lot of time and money to put together a nice collection of fragile paper or painted glass ornaments. Since most people pick up an ornament to commemorate a birth, a new home or other life milestone, these collections also have major sentimental value. This makes properly storing your ornaments extremely important.

Of course, it's pretty obvious that using Christmas storage boxes to protect these fragile items is a good idea. However, there are a few other things you should consider when packing your ornaments for another year. To keep ornaments safe, you should:

  • Always remove metal ornament hangers and store them separately. These hangers could scratch the paint on glass ornaments and could create stains or puncture holes on paper ornaments.
  • Consider using the same techniques museums use to protect important paper items, such as wrapping them in acid free tissue paper. It is also a good idea to consider spraying handmade ornaments with a product that neutralizes the acid before packing them in the storage boxes.
  • Tuck extra tissue paper around glass ornaments to help keep them from rattling in their compartments and becoming scratched.

Are Christmas ornament storage boxes worth the expense?

Make Decorating Easier With Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

As you rummage through yet another jumbled box of ornaments, you decide that you need to invest in some proper Christmas ornament storage boxes. Having everything organized would make decorating for the holidays so much more quickly and easily. To set yourself up for Christmas decorating success, you should:

  • Shop for ornament boxes in several sizes. carries boxes that hold as many as 48 ornaments in separate compartments.
  • Think about how you'd like your ornaments organized. Perhaps you'd like everything that is blue in one box, while everything red would be in a different box. If you decorate by theme instead of color, perhaps it would be more sensible to have storage boxes dedicated to sea related ornaments or Santa ornaments.
  • Carefully sort all of your ornaments into piles based on the categories you decided on and then tuck them into compartments in the proper storage box. Don't forget to clearly label each box so you know what is inside without having to open the lid.
  • Stack your boxes neatly on storage shelves that are easily accessible and get ready to enjoy the fastest, easiest tree decorating session you've ever had.

Is Christmas ornament storage really that important?

Protect Cherished Heirlooms With Christmas Ornament Storage

If you've ever opened a box of ornaments only to see that the "Baby's First Christmas" glass ball that to commemorates your son's first Christmas has been broken, you already know the importance of proper Christmas ornament storage. It can be heartbreaking to see that an irreplaceable heirloom has been damaged because someone placed a heavy item on top of the flimsy cardboard shoe box you used as storage.

Besides preventing ornament damage, Christmas ornament storage boxes have another great benefit: A box that was created to hold glass balls has a dozen individual compartments. The box is designed this way to prevent ornaments from rolling into each other and chipping paint.

However, the most important benefit of proper ornament storage is the ability to keep your treasured decorations safe from pests. Pests will not think twice about turning the hand crocheted snow flakes that were passed down from Aunt Mary into a nest for their young. Since most people store their Christmas décor in places vulnerable to mice, squirrels or crickets, damage from pests is a very real possibility. The only way to be sure your heirlooms don't become mouse food is to use storage containers that are designed to safely store Christmas decorations.

Is Christmas light storage useful?

Tangle Free Christmas Light Storage

As you struggle to untangle last year's Christmas lights, you might feel like you are fighting an octopus. It seems as though new tangles appear each time you get a part of the strings untangled. Boy, do you ever wish you would have taken the time to pack them neatly away last year instead of quickly tossing them into a storage container. Luckily, this year will be different because you are shopping for Christmas light storage.

Christmas light organization and storage tools can save time and money. To make the most of these tools, you should:

  • Always take the time to wind strings of lights neatly on the organizer. You will be able to quickly lift your neatly wrapped lights and unroll them in a matter of seconds.
  • Avoid unrolling the entire string of lights before you start hanging them, especially if you are working with strands that are fifty feet or more in length. Unroll part of the string, fasten it and then unroll a bit more. This helps you avoid tangles after you've unpacked the lights.
  • Always wind lights that are different colors or sizes on their own storage spool. Having to unwind an entire string of lights simply because the set of lights you want to use is wound underneath it is a very frustrating experience.

Is there a good way to handle artificial Christmas tree storage?

Simple Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

While decorating for Christmas is usually a wonderful experience, complete with eager helpers and Christmas carols, cleaning up all the holiday décor is met with less enthusiasm. For people who have a full-size artificial tree, the biggest frustration of holiday clean up is usually taking down the tree and packing it away for storage.

The key to easy artificial Christmas tree storage is to take time to organize the tree's parts. If you have a large tree, it should have color coded branches to make it easier for you to assemble each tier. Remove the branches and straighten them so that they will lie flat and take up less room in the storage container. If your tree looks dusty, you may want to lightly dust the branches as you straighten. Carefully stack the branches from each tier in a pile and use a rubber band to fasten the wire ends together.

Wipe down the trunk of the tree with a slightly dampened cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Carefully lift it out of the tree base. Examine the base for cracks to be sure it is still in good condition. If you notice any problems, you should check into getting a replacement base now so that you are ready for next year's holiday. A big tree loaded with ornaments has the potential to be a hazard if it doesn't have a strong, reliable base.

If the base is crack free, clean it and place it in the container. Add the center pole. Then, carefully slide the branches into the storage container, starting with the largest stack. If you are using a storage container designed to hold a Christmas tree, you should have no trouble fitting everything.

What Can I do About Storage When my Funds are Limited?

Frugal Christmas Storage Ideas

Many people might not store their Christmas decorations the appropriate way because of the money that must be spent to purchase all of the items needed to store them. If this is the case for you, you may want to take heed of some of these frugal ideas for Christmas storage.

If you don't want to spend the money on Christmas ornament storage containers, you can always stop at the grocery or liquor store and request boxes for free that had wine stored in them. These boxes come with individualized compartments in which you can place Christmas ornaments that have been wrapped in padding. Just make sure to store these boxes in a place where little pests and water can't get to them.

If purchasing a wreath storage bag or box is out of the question, simply place your wreath in a large garbage bag then cinch it at the top and store it for next year.

Another important tip to remember as far as Christmas lights go, if you find a set of lights that quit working during a current Christmas season, make sure to just throw those away otherwise you may end up putting them next year forgetting they don't work.

Making Christmas decoration storage work for your financial situation is important. If money is an issue, you can always use these tips to help preserve your Christmas decorations safely.

How Can I Store my Christmas Decorations?

Christmas Decoration Storage

Are you like many people who have tons and tons of Christmas decorations that you set out each year to make your house festive? Do you have boxes full of Christmas decorations? Are you using old cardboard boxes for storing these decorations? You may want to try some of the following tips to keep your Christmas decorations stored well and easy to access as the years pass.

One thing to remember is that many retail stores and chain stores sell plastic totes specifically around Christmas time. These plastic totes are often colored in Christmas colors of green or red. If you purchase some of these storage totes, you will know immediately upon glancing at them in your storage area that those are your Christmas decorations. This will save you from having to dig through clear colored or other plastic totes to look for Christmas decorations each year. Instead, you can simply look for all the totes that are colored green or red and know you have found your Christmas decorations.

You may also want to put a detailed list of what is stored in each box on the outside of the tote. This will save you time when you get each tote out, instead of rifling through each tote trying to see what is packed in it, you can read the outside list.

It is a good idea to store your precious Christmas decorations in a plastic box because your decorations will remain safe from any type of water damage. Make sure to keep the lid tightly closed on all plastic totes that you store Christmas decorations in and expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $15, depending on the size of the tote you purchase. Cardoboard boxes are also a great way to store your Christmas decorations as they are available in many different sizes and comes with dividers inside.

What Can I do With my Christmas Wrapping Paper?

Organize that Wrapping Paper

You've purchased the wrapping paper to wrap all of those Christmas gifts and then you set it in the back of your closet and wait for another year to use it. Perhaps the next year rolls around and you completely forgot about the wrapping paper in the back of your closet and when you pull it out, it is all wrinkled and pretty much rendered useless from the beating it took in the back of your closet. Just like other Christmas decorations, with proper care, you Christmas wrapping paper can be preserved for the following year if you take care of it appropriately.

Christmas gift-wrap can be stored in a gift-wrap organizer that hangs from your closet door or in your closet. The gift-wrap organizer comes with a hanger on the top for hanging in whatever closet or from whatever hook you choose. These types of gift-wrap organizers can store up to 12 rolls of Christmas gift-wrap and it can store your ribbon and bows. This is a great way to keep your wrapping paper and ribbons for those Christmas gifts organized. This type of hanging organizer will cost about $20.

Another type of Christmas wrapping paper organizer is a vertical gift wrap storage container. These storage containers are made from plastic and come with a lid. They are a bit taller than your average gift-wrap, which allows for an easy fit for all of your Christmas gift-wrap. A vertical gift-wrap organizer will hold around 16 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and will run you around $13 or a bit more.

Don't let your Christmas gift-wrap become damaged by simply discarding it in a closet when you are done with it. With one purchase of a gift-wrap organizer, you can keep your Christmas wrapping paper fresh for next year!

Where Can I Store my Christmas Lights?

Storing Those Christmas Lights

Every year it is the same old thing, people climb up on a ladder and hang Christmas lights and after Christmas, people climb up on that same ladder and remove those Christmas lights. When Christmas lights are taken down and put away, do you throw them wadded up in a box only to have to untangle them the following Christmas? You can save yourself the hassle of having to untangle Christmas lights every year by using a Christmas light storage box.

These Christmas light storage boxes have a winged top and come with dividers that you can wind your Christmas lights around and set in the storage box. Most Christmas light storage boxes come with more than one divider so that you can organize several sets of lights in one box. You can even use your Christmas light storage box for items other than Christmas lights. You can store your garland and any electrical cords you may need the following year, all in the same box as your lights!

These storage boxes are sold separately for around $15 or in a pair for about $30. Remember that regardless of the price on these boxes, you will have neatly stored lights each year at Christmastime! Not only does purchasing a storage item such as this save you a hassle, it looks nice and neat also! You can find this cool storage tool at many retail stores and online store. Retail stores usually only carry these items during the season, but many stores online carry them all year long!

How Can I Store my Christmas Cards?

How Can I Store These Christmas Cards?

What do you do with all of those lovely Christmas cards you receive each year during the Christmas season? Many people just read the cards and toss them into the trash because they have no special place in which to store them. Other people may store their Christmas cards on a shelf or just simply set them on a counter while others may tape them to a doorway.

If this sounds like you and you were really hoping to find a new way to store those Christmas cards so that others can see them and it won't look tacky, don't fret, there is a unique way to keep your Christmas cards organized and stored throughout the Christmas season. Many places online and in Christmas specialty stores sell Christmas card display stands, some even come with an Advent calendar.

These Christmas card holders are often 40 inches high and can hold 20 or more cards and can either be hung on a wall or sat on the floor. These wonderful display items often feature a cute Christmas scene and are usually made from a solid cardstock or wood. Depending on what type of cardholder you purchase, you will most likely pay around $10 for paper and much more for the wooden kind.

When Christmas rolls around and you are wondering what to do with all of those Christmas cards you receive, why not purchase a Christmas card holder to store those cards? That way you don't have to toss the card as you get it, instead you can enjoy it the entire season!

What Can I Store My Christmas Ornaments in?

Christmas Ornament Storage

How many times have you taken your Christmas ornaments off of your tree and just placed them in a shoebox or another type of box in which the ornaments roll around and knock into each other? How many times have you opened your box of ornaments the following Christmas only to find several broken ornaments? You can avoid this hassle and heartbreak by purchasing a Christmas ornament storage box.

Christmas ornament storage boxes can either be plastic or sturdy cardboard and have a special feature that keeps your ornaments from moving around and rolling into each other: an ornament divider. These storage boxes will come with cardboard dividers that stack on top of each other. The dividers are separated into 12 to 24 individual squares in which you can place one ornament for storage. You then place a protective piece of cardboard on top of the dividers after you have filled it with ornaments, then stack a new divider on top of that and add more Christmas ornaments until you have filled up the box or tote.

These boxes and totes have a lid that snaps on or flips over the top of the box for stackable storage. Depending on the size of the ornament storage box you purchase, you can store from 48 to 84 ornaments. As you would think the prices on these boxes vary according to how large they are. The smaller totes or boxes, which hold 48 ornaments are between $10 and $15, the larger totes are going to cost you more. You can find these ornament storage boxes online or at any major retailer come Christmas time. The beauty of an ornament storage box is that you can safely store your ornaments every year without a lot of work.

What Can I Store my Wreath In?

Storing that Christmas Wreath

Do you have a gorgeous artificial Christmas wreath that you like to display at Christmas time? When you take it down after Christmas is over, where do you put it? If you are like a lot of people, you may just hang it on a hook in the garage or stuff it under the stairs in your basement. To get the most out of your artificial wreath, you need to make sure that you store it appropriately and keep it safe wherever it is stored.

One way to store your artificial Christmas wreath is to store it in a special wreath storage box. These boxes can be made of plastic or cardboard and are a special shape to fit your wreath. Wreath storage boxes are ideal for storing your Christmas wreath flat, such as under the stairs or sitting on a shelf. By putting your artificial wreath into a wreath storage box, you limit the amount of damage that could be done to it should it be stored without protection. These boxes should only set you back about $10, the money spent may protect your wreath for years to come!

You could also store the wreath in a special wreath storage bag. These special storage bags can be made of plastic and with some fancier versions, a nice fabric bag. Fabric bags will obviously be much more expensive, sometimes as much as $50, but can decorate an area if you choose to hang it during the off-season. These storage bags come equipped with handles in which you can hang the bag from when the wreath is zipped or tied into it. Simply put a hook in the area you wish to hang the wreath, such as a garage wall, and hang up your artificial wreath for another year!

As with the artificial Christmas tree storage bags, you will want to make sure you that purchase a wreath storage bag that is the right size for your wreath. Doing a few simple measurements of your wreath's width and length will give you the measurements you need to find the right size storage unit!

How Can I Store my Artificial Christmas Tree?

How to Store Your Artificial Tree

So you had that beautiful artificial Christmas tree up for the holidays and the time has come to take it down and store it until next year. The problem many people run into when this occurs is just where to store your artificial Christmas tree without having to take it apart. Many people just try to stuff it back in the box that it came from, but the tree gets misshapen and it can be difficult to straighten out the branches each year. Not to mention that little insects and other various four legged creatures can make their way into a cardboard storage box, so the tree's original box just won't cut it. What's the best storage method?

You could try purchasing a Christmas tree storage bag that zips around the artificial tree. This saves you the work of taking the tree apart and removing it from the tree stand. Instead you can simply wrap the storage bag around the Christmas tree and zip or tie the ties up around it.

You must make sure when purchasing an artificial Christmas tree storage bag that the bag you buy actually fits your artificial tree. Each type of storage bag fits a specific sized tree, such as trees up to nine feet tall, trees taller than 10 feet or smaller than six feet. Read the box at purchase time carefully because you want to make sure you get a storage bag that fits your artificial Christmas tree!

Once you have your Christmas tree all wrapped up in the storage bag, you just need to find a place to store it for another year. The best part is, you don't need to take it down completely and instead you just simply carry it out of the room it was up in and store it elsewhere.

These storage bags can run from $20 to $50 and even more if you want to purchase a storage bag that stores your artificial Christmas tree completely decorated. Yes, you can purchase a special storage bag to store your completely decorated artificial Christmas tree from year to year. This saves you time every Christmas, instead of digging out your ornaments and decorating your tree, you just unwrap the decorated artificial tree from the previous year and place it where you want it. This type of storage bag will cost you though. Expect to pay close to $200 for this specialty bag. You can find artificial Christmas tree storage bags online or at several retail stores, especially during the Christmas season.

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