Greeting Card Storage and Display Ideas

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Are there any unique greeting card storage ideas?

Greeting Card Storage and Display Ideas

During the Christmas season, most people rack up large piles of greeting cards. Families, friends, acquaintances and service providers all send holiday wishes. While the first few cards are usually met with joy and anticipation, the deluge of mail soon becomes almost stressful. Cards topple off of the hall table and fall from the fireplace mantel. What you need are some good greeting card storage and display ideas.

One of the simplest ways to display your cards is to buy some extra strands of garland. Tack the garland to a window frame from side to side in a zig-zag fashion. Leave enough space on each row so that you are able to easily place the cards over the garland. As you receive each card, simply hang it on the garland so that the card's fold holds it in place. If you prefer to keep your window clutter free, you may want to hang garland on a fireplace mantel or loop it over a stair railing instead.

Another option for displaying cards is to shop for an artificial wall tree. This space saving tree can fit into some fairly tight spots. Punch a hole in each of the cards, thread a colorful piece of ribbon through the hole and tie it into a loop with an attractive bow. Hang the cards on the tree and you'll have a unique decorating scheme and a great way to display all of those holiday wishes.



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