Storing that Christmas Wreath

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What Can I Store my Wreath In?

Storing that Christmas Wreath

Do you have a gorgeous artificial Christmas wreath that you like to display at Christmas time? When you take it down after Christmas is over, where do you put it? If you are like a lot of people, you may just hang it on a hook in the garage or stuff it under the stairs in your basement. To get the most out of your artificial wreath, you need to make sure that you store it appropriately and keep it safe wherever it is stored.

One way to store your artificial Christmas wreath is to store it in a special wreath storage box. These boxes can be made of plastic or cardboard and are a special shape to fit your wreath. Wreath storage boxes are ideal for storing your Christmas wreath flat, such as under the stairs or sitting on a shelf. By putting your artificial wreath into a wreath storage box, you limit the amount of damage that could be done to it should it be stored without protection. These boxes should only set you back about $10, the money spent may protect your wreath for years to come!

You could also store the wreath in a special wreath storage bag. These special storage bags can be made of plastic and with some fancier versions, a nice fabric bag. Fabric bags will obviously be much more expensive, sometimes as much as $50, but can decorate an area if you choose to hang it during the off-season. These storage bags come equipped with handles in which you can hang the bag from when the wreath is zipped or tied into it. Simply put a hook in the area you wish to hang the wreath, such as a garage wall, and hang up your artificial wreath for another year!

As with the artificial Christmas tree storage bags, you will want to make sure you that purchase a wreath storage bag that is the right size for your wreath. Doing a few simple measurements of your wreath's width and length will give you the measurements you need to find the right size storage unit!



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