How to Store Your Artificial Tree

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How Can I Store my Artificial Christmas Tree?

How to Store Your Artificial Tree

So you had that beautiful artificial Christmas tree up for the holidays and the time has come to take it down and store it until next year. The problem many people run into when this occurs is just where to store your artificial Christmas tree without having to take it apart. Many people just try to stuff it back in the box that it came from, but the tree gets misshapen and it can be difficult to straighten out the branches each year. Not to mention that little insects and other various four legged creatures can make their way into a cardboard storage box, so the tree's original box just won't cut it. What's the best storage method?

You could try purchasing a Christmas tree storage bag that zips around the artificial tree. This saves you the work of taking the tree apart and removing it from the tree stand. Instead you can simply wrap the storage bag around the Christmas tree and zip or tie the ties up around it.

You must make sure when purchasing an artificial Christmas tree storage bag that the bag you buy actually fits your artificial tree. Each type of storage bag fits a specific sized tree, such as trees up to nine feet tall, trees taller than 10 feet or smaller than six feet. Read the box at purchase time carefully because you want to make sure you get a storage bag that fits your artificial Christmas tree!

Once you have your Christmas tree all wrapped up in the storage bag, you just need to find a place to store it for another year. The best part is, you don't need to take it down completely and instead you just simply carry it out of the room it was up in and store it elsewhere.

These storage bags can run from $20 to $50 and even more if you want to purchase a storage bag that stores your artificial Christmas tree completely decorated. Yes, you can purchase a special storage bag to store your completely decorated artificial Christmas tree from year to year. This saves you time every Christmas, instead of digging out your ornaments and decorating your tree, you just unwrap the decorated artificial tree from the previous year and place it where you want it. This type of storage bag will cost you though. Expect to pay close to $200 for this specialty bag. You can find artificial Christmas tree storage bags online or at several retail stores, especially during the Christmas season.



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