Christmas Decoration Storage

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How Can I Store my Christmas Decorations?

Christmas Decoration Storage

Are you like many people who have tons and tons of Christmas decorations that you set out each year to make your house festive? Do you have boxes full of Christmas decorations? Are you using old cardboard boxes for storing these decorations? You may want to try some of the following tips to keep your Christmas decorations stored well and easy to access as the years pass.

One thing to remember is that many retail stores and chain stores sell plastic totes specifically around Christmas time. These plastic totes are often colored in Christmas colors of green or red. If you purchase some of these storage totes, you will know immediately upon glancing at them in your storage area that those are your Christmas decorations. This will save you from having to dig through clear colored or other plastic totes to look for Christmas decorations each year. Instead, you can simply look for all the totes that are colored green or red and know you have found your Christmas decorations.

You may also want to put a detailed list of what is stored in each box on the outside of the tote. This will save you time when you get each tote out, instead of rifling through each tote trying to see what is packed in it, you can read the outside list.

It is a good idea to store your precious Christmas decorations in a plastic box because your decorations will remain safe from any type of water damage. Make sure to keep the lid tightly closed on all plastic totes that you store Christmas decorations in and expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $15, depending on the size of the tote you purchase. Cardoboard boxes are also a great way to store your Christmas decorations as they are available in many different sizes and comes with dividers inside.



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