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Are personalized Christmas ornaments a good gift idea?

Give Personalized Christmas Ornaments to Everyone on Your List

Your Christmas list has enough names on it to rival Santa Claus in the gift giving department. Unfortunately, the similarities end there because you don't have a team of elves on call to give you a hand. How on earth are you going to shop for presents for all of those people on top of all the other things you need to do to get ready for the Christmas holiday? The perfect solution may just be to give them all personalized Christmas ornaments.

Since you can find personalized ornaments in many different themes, you'll be able to find ornaments that match the interests of the people on your list. They'll appreciate the fact that you put some thought into each and every gift and you'll love the fact that you can do all of your shopping in one place and still give gifts that mean something to each person.

As you shop for personalized ornaments, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Double check the spelling of all the names on your list before you place the order. A personalized ornament for “Philomina” will not do you much good if you want to give it to your son's teacher, whose name is actually Philomena.
  • Find out if any events are occurring before the holiday that will involve a name change, such as a wedding or adoption.

What is a keepsake ornament?

Ornaments to Treasure

Christmas ornaments can become family treasures that are passed down from generation to generation. There are ornaments available that are considered keepsake ornaments, such as Christopher Radko glass ornaments. Once you see these keepsake ornaments you will surely realize that it is something to cherish forever.

Christopher Radko ornaments are mouth blown glass, created by hand and lined with sterling silver. Each of these ornaments takes one week from start to finish and is beautifully hand-painted and glazed with vibrant colors. The minute one of these Christmas ornaments is given to you or purchased by you, you will see how special a keepsake ornament can be.

If your child loves dogs, Christopher Radko has an adorable ornament with a dog and a cat. What a neat gift to give your child who will treasure it as he grows and someday, may place it on his Christmas tree as an adult. If you know a fish lover, he or she is sure to love the puffer fish ornament that Christopher Radko has created. He even designs beautiful ornaments that are Santa collectibles.

Ornaments such as these cost as much as $60 but when you consider how long these keepsakes will be in your family, the price is definitely worth it.

Are There Ornaments for Special Occasions?

Ornaments for Special Occasions

The neat thing about Christmas ornaments is that you can purchase a Christmas ornament that represents a special occasion in someone's life and give that ornament as a gift to someone. If you know someone who is getting married, why not purchase a Christmas ornament as a gift to the happy couple that says something like, "Our First Christmas" and the year of the marriage. You can personalize these ornaments with the name of the couple to make it even more unique. A Christmas gift such as this will really make the newlywed's first holiday season even more special. Christmas ornaments such as these will cost around $10 and are available at online Christmas stores and in certain Christmas retail stores during the holiday season.

You can also purchase Christmas ornaments that celebrate the birth of a new baby. Choose from a hand painted bear that will cost about $20 and has your baby's birth year hand painted on it, or choose a personalized ornament in the shape of a rattle with your baby's name on it that will cost you around $8. These Christmas ornaments are something you can give your child as an heirloom one day for their tree. In the meantime, you can put the ornament on your tree each year, remembering that first Christmas as you hang that ornament.

Ornaments for special occasions such as the birth of a baby or a wedding are truly wonderful gifts that keep on giving throughout the years!

What are some personalized Christmas ornaments?

Personalized Ornaments

A personalized ornament is one that has the names and important dates engraved or hand painted directly on the Christmas ornament. Many people choose ornaments such as these to celebrate important dates in a family and many use these personalized Christmas ornaments for a walk down memory lane each time the ornament is placed on the Christmas tree year after year.

Generally, ornaments are personalized by a professional artist who takes a plain looking ornament and makes it into a family heirloom simply with the touch of his or her hand. Personalized Christmas ornaments can be fun, such as an ornament in the shape of a moose or penguin painted with your child's name on it. Personalized ornaments can also be more classic and made of glass with an entire family's name on it. If you own your own business you can personalize Christmas ornaments with the name of your business to hand out to customers. Or give personalized Christmas ornaments as a gift to your favorite babysitter, something as simple as "World's Best Babysitter" and the name of the sitter and the year. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to why and how you want to personalize an ornament. The best part is that most personalized Christmas ornaments are very reasonably priced.

What are Personalized Christmas Ornaments?

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

There is something that makes for a very special Christmas: personalized Christmas ornaments! Many online Christmas sites offer free personalization on selected ornaments. This personalizing is often done by a group of artists whose job is to personalize each ornament by hand. These ornaments make great gifts for anyone in your life and are a wonderful keepsake to put on your tree year after year.

You can choose from so many different styles of personalized ornaments with many different sentiments, the best part is because the ornament is personalized with the name of a family member or friend and at times, even the year the Christmas ornament was given to the person.

Personalized Christmas ornaments aren't just plain old Christmas ornament balls anymore. You can purchase a personalized Christmas ornament in the shape of favorite sport, a favorite animal, personalized ornaments with snowmen, reindeer, hearts, bells, you name it, you can most likely personalize it.

When you order your ornament you will be asked to include the information of the person you are personalizing the ornament for. For example: if you are purchasing a personalized ornament for your sister and her family and it is in the shape of a house, you will want to provide the last name of your sister's family so that the artist can personalize that ornament with the correct name. Basically you will just need to follow the directions of the website when you order.

Personalized Christmas ornaments vary in price depending on the type you buy, but expect to pay between $5 and $20 depending on the type of ornament and its complexity. These ornaments are worth the money to make someone's Christmas a bit more personal.

Make sure to double check spellings and dates at the time of your order and allow plenty of time for personalization during the Christmas ordering season, as personalized items can take longer to ship because each one is individually processed. They are available in many different themes and materials.

What are some first Christmas ornaments I can look for?

First Christmas Ornaments

When a family welcomes a new baby, it welcomes all of the first's that come with the new arrival. First smile, first steps and of course, first Christmas. A neat way to remember that first Christmas is with a Christmas ornament that celebrates baby's first Christmas, an ornament that can be handed down to that baby's children someday.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament can be found both in retail stores and on the Internet. You will find a large number of ornaments to choose from.

  • If you wish to celebrate both the parents and the new baby's first Christmas together as a family you can find an ornament that represents both parents who are shown holding a baby. These types of ornaments can be personalized with the names of parents and baby and the year.
  • Celebrate the new arrival's first Christmas with an ornament in the shape of a white baby shoe. This type of first Christmas ornament is perfect for a boy or a girl and is reasonably priced.
  • If someone you know adopted a child, it can be hard to find an ornament that represents that wondrous occasion, but there are online websites that sell ornaments that celebrate adoption and personalize the ornament with dates the adoption occurred.
  • It's always fun to celebrate a new baby with a first Christmas ornament, but don't forget that many of these new baby's have siblings. A fun Christmas ornament for siblings is one that lets the brother or sister show off a bit with "I'm a Big Brother" or "I'm a Big Sister" and the date that occurred personalized on the ornament.
First Christmas ornaments are welcome additions to any Christmas tree, and what's even better is that there are so many varieties to choose from, one is sure to be right for you.

What are Hand Painted Ornament's?

Hand Painted Ornaments

Christmas ornaments adorn Christmas trees and make the tree look beautiful. A way to add to the beauty of the Christmas tree is to put a hand painted Christmas ornaments on the tree.

Hand painted ornaments can be personalized to give a special touch, while others are hand painted designs. For instance, offers a variety of hand painted ornaments in several designs and colors.

Who creates these unique ornaments? There are artisans across the country and around the world that paint beautiful scenes and motifs on Christmas ornaments. Some artisans even paint the designs on the inside of the ornament by using a special bent brush.

Because each artisan offers their own special flair to the ornaments, you are guaranteed to have decorations that are dazzling and creative.

The best part about a hand painted ornament is that no one will have an identical one on their tree. No two are alike!

Who is Christopher Radko?

Christopher Radko Ornaments

If you haven't heard of Christopher Radko, you are missing out. Christopher Radko is a well-known artist who makes, among other things, hand made and mouth blown glass Christmas decorations. He has a team of artists that assist him in the creation of his art, because that is what these Christmas decorations are, works of art.

Many online sites carry Christopher Radko ornaments for people to purchase. A mouth blown, hand made Christopher Radko ornament is also injected with sterling to give it a silver appearance and makes it shiny and then eventually it is hand painted. A Christopher Radko ornament can be expensive, some costing over $40, but are well worth it as they become something that can handed down from generation to generation.

You can choose from Santa Claus Christopher Radko ornaments or a snowman, or even a scene from A Christmas Carol. These gorgeous pieces of art are sure to make your Christmas tree truly stunning!

What are some good colors to use with silver Christmas ornaments?

Create a Striking Tree With Silver Christmas Ornaments

This year, you want a sophisticated tree—one that embodies understated elegance. What you need is a tree decorated with silver Christmas ornaments.

Silver ornaments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can actually even use ornate silver ornament hangers to hang them on the tree. You may decide to stick to one type of ornament, such as glass balls, or you may want to use any ornaments that have a silver color.

If you would like to add a second complimentary color to your decorating scheme, you may want to choose blue. Most blue shades look fabulous with silver. However, you may want to avoid aqua blues, which aren't quite as striking with silver as most of the other blue shades. For people who love gold and silver, a combination of the two may be the perfect choice.

Other colors that look great with silver are black or red. In fact, for a really eye catching look, you may want to consider shopping for a black or red artificial tree and using silver ball ornaments as decorations.

Are there any holiday ornaments with dogs on them?

Holiday Ornaments for a Pet Lover's Tree

If you would rather hang with Fido than head to a music concert, you probably already have a few pet ornaments stashed away somewhere. Why not go dog wild and create an entire tree with a furry theme this year?

If you are a fan of a specific breed, consider mixing colors and things related to that breed in with the other ornaments to be sure your tree is nice and full. For example, a Scottish Terrier lover may want to add red or plaid balls, Scottish bag pipes and other Scottish items to the tree to create a colorful and festive color scheme.

For a person who loves every four legged creature on earth, a tree that contains an assortment of dog and cat ornaments is probably the perfect choice. Don't forget a few photo frame ornaments. Place photos of yourself hugging your favorite furry buddies on your tree to give your decorations special meaning.

No matter what type of pet related theme you decide to use, there is one thing your tree has to have – a personalized ornament to commemorate each beloved, loyal furry friend in your life. These ornaments are sure to bring back wonderful memories as you hang them on the tree each year.

Can Disney Christmas ornaments get my kids excited about Christmas?

Decorate a Child's Tree With Disney Christmas Ornaments

Ever since the trip to Disney World this spring, your kids have really been into anything Disney related. Since they also love helping you decorate for the Christmas holiday, you want to surprise them with their very own kid-size artificial tree covered in Disney Christmas ornaments.

To make the surprise really special, why not create a whole Disney themed evening and have them help you hang the decorations? To make your tree decorating party perfect, you should:

  • Shop for a variety of Disney decorations. You can find light strands, miniature ornaments and full size ornaments with Disney characters on them.
  • Pull out those Belle, Jasmine and Peter Pan Halloween costumes and put them in a trunk to create a dress up station. If you don't have a trunk, simply wrap the sides of a lidless box with metallic wrapping paper to create a special container for the costumes.
  • Next, pull out a stack of favorite Disney DVDs and stick one of them in the DVD player.
  • Fill a tray up with fun snacks and some drink boxes.
  • Unpack the Disney ornaments so that they'll be easy for the kids to pick up and hang on the tree.
  • Summon them to the room in official herald-like fashion by blowing on your bugle and announcing the event. (A paper towel roll with a coffee filter taped to one end makes a decent looking bugle.)
  • Start the party rolling and decorate that tree.

Are there any nostalgic Christmas decorating tips?

Nostalgic Christmas Decorating Ideas

You've decided that you are sick of commercialism. You're tired of feeling rushed and tired as you try to keep up with one thing after another. This year, you're taking a trip back in time to the simple, family oriented holidays of earlier times. Of course, those modern decorations you used for last Christmas won't quite fit this year's theme. You need to shop for nostalgic Christmas decorating ideas that capture the mood of your old fashioned holiday plans.

The first thing you should consider is the type of tree you will be using. A seven foot tall Douglas fir, spruce or pine tree perfectly captures a Victorian ambiance. However, if you'd rather travel back to the early twentieth century, perhaps a silver tree is the right choice.

When you've decided on a tree, it is time to think about ornaments. You can find old fashioned glass European ornaments and artificial electric candle ornaments that will help you safely recreate the look of a candle covered Victorian tree. For a tree that reminds people of the roaring twenties, look for flapper ornaments and other fun prohibition era themed items. If you are a fan of Elvis and the whole rock theme, you can find ornaments commemorating this rock legend.

Once the tree is set up and decorated, don't forget to take a few moments to sit down and admire your work. After all, with your commitment to a simpler Christmas, you'll actually have time to enjoy the things you do to prepare for the holidays.

Are personalized ornaments available for different events?

Personalized Ornaments Are Year Round Gifts

You love Christmas. You love the decorations, the food and the Christmas carols. You even love the bustle of the busy stores as people rush about looking for the perfect gift. However, what you love the most about the holiday season is all the special memories it creates. As you hang your baby's first Christmas personalized ornament on the tree, you realize that the perfect tree would be one covered with memories.

You can shop for personalized ornaments year round to commemorate special events. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, concerts, vacation trips and scouting achievements are just a few things for which you can find the perfect personalized ornament. Don't forget personalized photo frame ornaments so you can see the faces that made these memories too.

Once you hang the last ornament, you will have a tree crammed with memories. However, you should be sure there is room for you to hang just a few more because with your love for ornaments that bring back memories, you are sure to get several personalized ornaments from friends and family. With all the wonderful memories in your life, you may need to shop for a bigger tree next year!

Is a first Christmas ornament a good idea?

Create Memories With a First Christmas Ornament

Your baby has so many firsts during the year he or she is born. First smiles, first sounds and first birthdays are all lovingly commemorated. However, there is another first you'll want to be sure to commemorate—that first Christmas. You plan to take so many photos to record the day's festivities that you have two cameras, a video camera and several sets of fully charged replacement batteries at the ready. Packages have been piled under the tree in a colorful heap. Everything is ready for the big day, but you feel like you are missing something. What you need is a first Christmas ornament that reminds you of all your wonderful memories of this special time in your baby's life.

If you aren't concerned about personalization, you can find baby themed ornaments like storks, angels or baby booties in pink or blue colors. Ball ornaments that proudly proclaim “Baby's first Christmas” are also an option. If you want to have the ornament personalized, there are many additional options, such as personalized picture frame, teddy bear, toy box or heart ornaments. There are also dozens of different glass ball designs that can be personalized with your baby's name.

Are there many types of Christmas ornaments?

Types of Christmas Ornaments

If you aren't sure you'll be able to find ornaments for your tree's theme, then you probably haven't looked for ornaments in the past few years. There is an amazing variety of options available and today's Christmas ornaments come in all shapes, sizes and themes.

If you are decorating a miniature tree, it only makes sense to shop for miniature ornaments that fit the size of the tree. You can find so many great options, from classic car ornaments to whimsical glass lipstick ornaments, that it may be hard to decide which ones to buy if you don't already have a theme in mind. Of course, if you don't have a mini Christmas tree to decorate, you may still want to shop for several sets of these versatile little decorations to use as Christmas charms on packages and stockings.

For people who like delicate, fragile looking Christmas bulbs and balls, the extraordinary beauty of spun glass ornaments is sure to be a hit. These ornaments are wonderful decorations on a tree that is strung with simple, clear lights. If you have young children or pets, consider shatterproof, break-resistant ornaments.

If you would like a tree filled with color and whimsy, European glass ornaments are likely to be the perfect decorations for you. These ornaments come in many themes, from frogs to angels, and are extremely eye catching.

Are There Musical Ornaments?

Musical Ornaments

Do you have a music lover in your life? Do you yourself love music? If so, why not decorate your tree to show your love of music by using musical ornaments?

Musical ornaments come in the shape of musical ornaments, such as a violin, a drum, a piano, a guitar or a banjo and cost around $6 per ornament. These musical ornaments also make great Christmas gifts for the musical lovers in your life.

Besides musical ornaments that are actually shaped like a musical instrument, you can also decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments that play music. Choose from an ornament that looks like an old radio that plays Christmas music with the touch of a button or a train that will play train sounds when you push a button on it. Ornaments such as these may set you back around $15 but are sure to add some magic to your Christmas!

What are Old World Ornaments?

Old World Ornaments

If you want to take a step back into time with your Christmas ornaments, you may want to invest in Christmas ornaments that remind you of days gone by. Old world Christmas ornaments are a great way to recall the charm that was Christmas of yesteryear.

Merck is a family company that creates Old World ornaments. Old World ornaments are basically old-fashioned Christmas ornaments made from glass. These Old World ornaments are even made with the same detail that went into creating similar Christmas ornaments in the 1800's. You can purchase these ornaments on Christmas sites.

You can choose from a winking Santa Claus, a manger scene, a glass of beer or even an ice cream sundae ornament. Matter of fact, there are over 60 Old World ornaments to choose from to help you bring back the good old days this Christmas. These beautiful ornaments will range in price from as low as $7 to around $20 depending on the size of the ornament and the detail involved in making it. Old World ornaments are quite beautiful; check them out today! These ornaments make a great Christmas gift also, why not start your shopping sooner rather than later and purchase one now?

Are There any Ornaments that are Just For Fun?

Christmas Ornaments For All Tastes

There are so many choices when it comes to Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments are one of the most popular choices when it's time to trim the tree. has ornaments available for any taste or interest, such as sports, gardening, even various professions. There are Christmas ornaments with winter motifs such as snowflakes, snowmen and Christmas figures such as nutcrackers, Santas and Nativities. There are even summery motifs such as flowers, songbirds, palm trees, flamingos for those that don't have snowy winters. Just want plain bulbs? Bronner's has those, too! There are also decorator shapes and designs that help to fill in a tree or create an elegant look.

There is no shortage of Christmas ornaments and no matter your decorating taste, you will find something that suits you. Are you looking to decorate with a religious theme? There are ornaments for that. Do you prefer that your Christmas ornaments have a traditional or old-fashioned flavor? Those ornaments are out there. Of course, the types of ornaments run the gamut and you can even find ornaments that are for kids and ones that are even non-breakable.

Another great thing about ornaments is that they can create traditions. In some families, the child selects an ornament each year on vacation or other shopping trip as a remembrance of that year. By the time the child moves into his or her own house, they have a substantial collection for their own tree.

Are there any creative ways to display ornaments?

Creative Ways to Display Ornaments

You'd be the first to admit that you have an ornament addiction. However, this year, you have reached the point where your main tree and your family room tree are both packed with memorable and personalized ornaments. You'd like to show off some of the ornaments that didn't fit on the trees, but you aren't quite sure how. Actually, there are several great ways to display ornaments without hanging them on trees. To display your spare ornaments, you may want to:

Think outside the box as you look around your home for unique containers that could hold several ornaments. A few things you may want to consider using to hold ornaments are antique crystal bowls, large hurricane globes, vintage metal toy trucks and vintage planters made by McCoy, UPCO or California Pottery.

  • String a piece of garland from one side of the wall to the other and hang a selection of ornaments from the garland.
  • Decorate your staircase with garland and hang ornaments along the garland at regular intervals.
  • Tie festive ribbons around door knobs and hang ornaments on the ribbons.
  • Hook ornaments to your chandelier or tie them to your fan's pull chain.
  • Tuck ornaments into empty nooks on your book shelves or in your china cabinet. Use ornament display stands on a mantel, shelf or as a table centerpiece.

    Are there any good ideas for using wedding Christmas ornaments?

    Wedding Christmas Ornaments

    As you wrap the wedding gift for your favorite couple to be, you realize that the package lacks a bit of pizzazz. That tasteful wedding themed wrapping paper and matching bow created an elegant effect, but you want people to look at the gift and be totally wowed. What you need is one of those lovely wedding Christmas ornaments to tie to the package as a gift tag. You'll be giving the happy couple a very special memento that they can actually use.

    There are several other great uses for wedding Christmas ornaments as well. Personalized ornaments make nice party favors for the bride and groom to give to all their guests on the wedding day. They'll remember the happy day every year as they decorate their tree. You can add the bride and groom's names and the wedding year to wedding ornaments that offer personalization or you can pick a great ornament design and personalize it yourself with a pretty tag tied to the ornament hanger.

    You can also opt to buy a wedding ornament to add to your tree each year to celebrate one more wonderful Christmas with your soul mate.

    What are Spun Glass Ornaments?

    Spun Glass Ornaments

    Some of the prettiest Christmas ornaments made today are those made from spun glass. Spun glass ornaments also make great Christmas gifts; so keep those in mind for the upcoming holiday season.

    Spun glass is unique because each one is made individually using a spun glass technique, so you will get a gorgeous spun glass Christmas tree ornament for your tree. Choose from a spun glass alligator, spun glass dragonfly, a spun glass butterfly or even a spun glass nativity scene. Any spun glass ornament will look beautiful on your Christmas tree. These ornaments are usually about five inches long or wide and are fragile, so make sure to store them in a padded environment or you run the risk of breaking them.

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