Creative Ways to Display Ornaments

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Are there any creative ways to display ornaments?

Creative Ways to Display Ornaments

You'd be the first to admit that you have an ornament addiction. However, this year, you have reached the point where your main tree and your family room tree are both packed with memorable and personalized ornaments. You'd like to show off some of the ornaments that didn't fit on the trees, but you aren't quite sure how. Actually, there are several great ways to display ornaments without hanging them on trees. To display your spare ornaments, you may want to:

Think outside the box as you look around your home for unique containers that could hold several ornaments. A few things you may want to consider using to hold ornaments are antique crystal bowls, large hurricane globes, vintage metal toy trucks and vintage planters made by McCoy, UPCO or California Pottery.

  • String a piece of garland from one side of the wall to the other and hang a selection of ornaments from the garland.
  • Decorate your staircase with garland and hang ornaments along the garland at regular intervals.
  • Tie festive ribbons around door knobs and hang ornaments on the ribbons.
  • Hook ornaments to your chandelier or tie them to your fan's pull chain.
  • Tuck ornaments into empty nooks on your book shelves or in your china cabinet. Use ornament display stands on a mantel, shelf or as a table centerpiece.



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