Create a Striking Tree With Silver Christmas Ornaments

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What are some good colors to use with silver Christmas ornaments?

Create a Striking Tree With Silver Christmas Ornaments

This year, you want a sophisticated tree—one that embodies understated elegance. What you need is a tree decorated with silver Christmas ornaments.

Silver ornaments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can actually even use ornate silver ornament hangers to hang them on the tree. You may decide to stick to one type of ornament, such as glass balls, or you may want to use any ornaments that have a silver color.

If you would like to add a second complimentary color to your decorating scheme, you may want to choose blue. Most blue shades look fabulous with silver. However, you may want to avoid aqua blues, which aren't quite as striking with silver as most of the other blue shades. For people who love gold and silver, a combination of the two may be the perfect choice.

Other colors that look great with silver are black or red. In fact, for a really eye catching look, you may want to consider shopping for a black or red artificial tree and using silver ball ornaments as decorations.



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