Create Memories With a First Christmas Ornament

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Is a first Christmas ornament a good idea?

Create Memories With a First Christmas Ornament

Your baby has so many firsts during the year he or she is born. First smiles, first sounds and first birthdays are all lovingly commemorated. However, there is another first you'll want to be sure to commemorate—that first Christmas. You plan to take so many photos to record the day's festivities that you have two cameras, a video camera and several sets of fully charged replacement batteries at the ready. Packages have been piled under the tree in a colorful heap. Everything is ready for the big day, but you feel like you are missing something. What you need is a first Christmas ornament that reminds you of all your wonderful memories of this special time in your baby's life.

If you aren't concerned about personalization, you can find baby themed ornaments like storks, angels or baby booties in pink or blue colors. Ball ornaments that proudly proclaim “Baby's first Christmas” are also an option. If you want to have the ornament personalized, there are many additional options, such as personalized picture frame, teddy bear, toy box or heart ornaments. There are also dozens of different glass ball designs that can be personalized with your baby's name.



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