Nostalgic Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Are there any nostalgic Christmas decorating tips?

Nostalgic Christmas Decorating Ideas

You've decided that you are sick of commercialism. You're tired of feeling rushed and tired as you try to keep up with one thing after another. This year, you're taking a trip back in time to the simple, family oriented holidays of earlier times. Of course, those modern decorations you used for last Christmas won't quite fit this year's theme. You need to shop for nostalgic Christmas decorating ideas that capture the mood of your old fashioned holiday plans.

The first thing you should consider is the type of tree you will be using. A seven foot tall Douglas fir, spruce or pine tree perfectly captures a Victorian ambiance. However, if you'd rather travel back to the early twentieth century, perhaps a silver tree is the right choice.

When you've decided on a tree, it is time to think about ornaments. You can find old fashioned glass European ornaments and artificial electric candle ornaments that will help you safely recreate the look of a candle covered Victorian tree. For a tree that reminds people of the roaring twenties, look for flapper ornaments and other fun prohibition era themed items. If you are a fan of Elvis and the whole rock theme, you can find ornaments commemorating this rock legend.

Once the tree is set up and decorated, don't forget to take a few moments to sit down and admire your work. After all, with your commitment to a simpler Christmas, you'll actually have time to enjoy the things you do to prepare for the holidays.



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