Ornaments to Treasure

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What is a keepsake ornament?

Ornaments to Treasure

Christmas ornaments can become family treasures that are passed down from generation to generation. There are ornaments available that are considered keepsake ornaments, such as Christopher Radko glass ornaments. Once you see these keepsake ornaments you will surely realize that it is something to cherish forever.

Christopher Radko ornaments are mouth blown glass, created by hand and lined with sterling silver. Each of these ornaments takes one week from start to finish and is beautifully hand-painted and glazed with vibrant colors. The minute one of these Christmas ornaments is given to you or purchased by you, you will see how special a keepsake ornament can be.

If your child loves dogs, Christopher Radko has an adorable ornament with a dog and a cat. What a neat gift to give your child who will treasure it as he grows and someday, may place it on his Christmas tree as an adult. If you know a fish lover, he or she is sure to love the puffer fish ornament that Christopher Radko has created. He even designs beautiful ornaments that are Santa collectibles.

Ornaments such as these cost as much as $60 but when you consider how long these keepsakes will be in your family, the price is definitely worth it.



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