Christopher Radko Ornaments

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Who is Christopher Radko?

Christopher Radko Ornaments

If you haven't heard of Christopher Radko, you are missing out. Christopher Radko is a well-known artist who makes, among other things, hand made and mouth blown glass Christmas decorations. He has a team of artists that assist him in the creation of his art, because that is what these Christmas decorations are, works of art.

Many online sites carry Christopher Radko ornaments for people to purchase. A mouth blown, hand made Christopher Radko ornament is also injected with sterling to give it a silver appearance and makes it shiny and then eventually it is hand painted. A Christopher Radko ornament can be expensive, some costing over $40, but are well worth it as they become something that can handed down from generation to generation.

You can choose from Santa Claus Christopher Radko ornaments or a snowman, or even a scene from A Christmas Carol. These gorgeous pieces of art are sure to make your Christmas tree truly stunning!



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