Decorate a Child's Tree With Disney Christmas Ornaments

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Can Disney Christmas ornaments get my kids excited about Christmas?

Decorate a Child's Tree With Disney Christmas Ornaments

Ever since the trip to Disney World this spring, your kids have really been into anything Disney related. Since they also love helping you decorate for the Christmas holiday, you want to surprise them with their very own kid-size artificial tree covered in Disney Christmas ornaments.

To make the surprise really special, why not create a whole Disney themed evening and have them help you hang the decorations? To make your tree decorating party perfect, you should:

  • Shop for a variety of Disney decorations. You can find light strands, miniature ornaments and full size ornaments with Disney characters on them.
  • Pull out those Belle, Jasmine and Peter Pan Halloween costumes and put them in a trunk to create a dress up station. If you don't have a trunk, simply wrap the sides of a lidless box with metallic wrapping paper to create a special container for the costumes.
  • Next, pull out a stack of favorite Disney DVDs and stick one of them in the DVD player.
  • Fill a tray up with fun snacks and some drink boxes.
  • Unpack the Disney ornaments so that they'll be easy for the kids to pick up and hang on the tree.
  • Summon them to the room in official herald-like fashion by blowing on your bugle and announcing the event. (A paper towel roll with a coffee filter taped to one end makes a decent looking bugle.)
  • Start the party rolling and decorate that tree.



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