Make Ornament Storage Easy

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How can I make ornament storage easy?

Make Ornament Storage Easy

As you pull down another smashed shoe box to look for last year's Christmas lights, you wonder why you bothered to save last year's decorations in the first place. What you need is a way to make ornament storage easy for next year.

Wreath boxes, containers for glass bulbs and special holders for lights will keep your decorations neat and save storage space. You can even find storage containers designed to hold your leftover gift wrap and bows.

While you may be tempted use recycled shoe boxes, bags and other items to pinch a penny here and there, containers that aren't specifically designed to hold things simply don't work as well. Besides, if you are going to be buying new lights because the ones you put away last year are too mangled, the money you save on storage this year will be wasted on replacement decorations next year.



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