How Can I Store These Christmas Cards?

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How Can I Store my Christmas Cards?

How Can I Store These Christmas Cards?

What do you do with all of those lovely Christmas cards you receive each year during the Christmas season? Many people just read the cards and toss them into the trash because they have no special place in which to store them. Other people may store their Christmas cards on a shelf or just simply set them on a counter while others may tape them to a doorway.

If this sounds like you and you were really hoping to find a new way to store those Christmas cards so that others can see them and it won't look tacky, don't fret, there is a unique way to keep your Christmas cards organized and stored throughout the Christmas season. Many places online and in Christmas specialty stores sell Christmas card display stands, some even come with an Advent calendar.

These Christmas card holders are often 40 inches high and can hold 20 or more cards and can either be hung on a wall or sat on the floor. These wonderful display items often feature a cute Christmas scene and are usually made from a solid cardstock or wood. Depending on what type of cardholder you purchase, you will most likely pay around $10 for paper and much more for the wooden kind.

When Christmas rolls around and you are wondering what to do with all of those Christmas cards you receive, why not purchase a Christmas card holder to store those cards? That way you don't have to toss the card as you get it, instead you can enjoy it the entire season!



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