Christmas Ornament Storage

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What Can I Store My Christmas Ornaments in?

Christmas Ornament Storage

How many times have you taken your Christmas ornaments off of your tree and just placed them in a shoebox or another type of box in which the ornaments roll around and knock into each other? How many times have you opened your box of ornaments the following Christmas only to find several broken ornaments? You can avoid this hassle and heartbreak by purchasing a Christmas ornament storage box.

Christmas ornament storage boxes can either be plastic or sturdy cardboard and have a special feature that keeps your ornaments from moving around and rolling into each other: an ornament divider. These storage boxes will come with cardboard dividers that stack on top of each other. The dividers are separated into 12 to 24 individual squares in which you can place one ornament for storage. You then place a protective piece of cardboard on top of the dividers after you have filled it with ornaments, then stack a new divider on top of that and add more Christmas ornaments until you have filled up the box or tote.

These boxes and totes have a lid that snaps on or flips over the top of the box for stackable storage. Depending on the size of the ornament storage box you purchase, you can store from 48 to 84 ornaments. As you would think the prices on these boxes vary according to how large they are. The smaller totes or boxes, which hold 48 ornaments are between $10 and $15, the larger totes are going to cost you more. You can find these ornament storage boxes online or at any major retailer come Christmas time. The beauty of an ornament storage box is that you can safely store your ornaments every year without a lot of work.



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