Types of Christmas Storage Containers

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What are some types of Christmas storage containers?

Types of Christmas Storage Containers

If you are looking for the right container in which to store your Christmas ornaments you may feel overwhelmed when you walk into the store and see all that is available to you. Choices range from fairly basic plastic containers that are reasonably priced to more luxurious boxes lined in velvet that are bit pricier. However, you may wish to invest in a high end storage container to protect the beautiful personalized Christmas ornaments you have collected over the years.

It is generally recommended when storing Christmas ornaments to store them in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid. This type of ornament storage eliminates the worry of moisture seeping into the box and ruining the ornaments. There are several plastic ornament storage containers available. You can choose from a large plastic container called, fittingly enough, an ornament storage container. This type of container has cardboard ornament separators in which you put one ornament. The storage is layered and can store up to 100 ornaments depending on the size you purchase. You can get these containers with a removable lid or a wing lid and even with or without handles for easy carrying.

Another Christmas ornament storage container is made from metal and is similar in appearance to a metal file box. Like the plastic storage containers, this comes with a sturdy cardboard that separates the ornaments so that there will be no risk of breakage. If you want something that has a nicer appearance but also a higher price, then you can always look into a fabric lined storage box to store those ornaments. Usually decorated in a festive fabric that is appropriate for the holidays, these boxes also have ornament separators and can hold about 84 ornaments. Because it is made from fabric and is a box rather than a plastic container, you may wish to store this type of box in a place where there is little moisture. Beware though, this type of container will cost you around $90 or more, but is sturdy and easy to lift.



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