Simple Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

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Is there a good way to handle artificial Christmas tree storage?

Simple Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

While decorating for Christmas is usually a wonderful experience, complete with eager helpers and Christmas carols, cleaning up all the holiday décor is met with less enthusiasm. For people who have a full-size artificial tree, the biggest frustration of holiday clean up is usually taking down the tree and packing it away for storage.

The key to easy artificial Christmas tree storage is to take time to organize the tree's parts. If you have a large tree, it should have color coded branches to make it easier for you to assemble each tier. Remove the branches and straighten them so that they will lie flat and take up less room in the storage container. If your tree looks dusty, you may want to lightly dust the branches as you straighten. Carefully stack the branches from each tier in a pile and use a rubber band to fasten the wire ends together.

Wipe down the trunk of the tree with a slightly dampened cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Carefully lift it out of the tree base. Examine the base for cracks to be sure it is still in good condition. If you notice any problems, you should check into getting a replacement base now so that you are ready for next year's holiday. A big tree loaded with ornaments has the potential to be a hazard if it doesn't have a strong, reliable base.

If the base is crack free, clean it and place it in the container. Add the center pole. Then, carefully slide the branches into the storage container, starting with the largest stack. If you are using a storage container designed to hold a Christmas tree, you should have no trouble fitting everything.



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