Organize that Wrapping Paper

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What Can I do With my Christmas Wrapping Paper?

Organize that Wrapping Paper

You've purchased the wrapping paper to wrap all of those Christmas gifts and then you set it in the back of your closet and wait for another year to use it. Perhaps the next year rolls around and you completely forgot about the wrapping paper in the back of your closet and when you pull it out, it is all wrinkled and pretty much rendered useless from the beating it took in the back of your closet. Just like other Christmas decorations, with proper care, you Christmas wrapping paper can be preserved for the following year if you take care of it appropriately.

Christmas gift-wrap can be stored in a gift-wrap organizer that hangs from your closet door or in your closet. The gift-wrap organizer comes with a hanger on the top for hanging in whatever closet or from whatever hook you choose. These types of gift-wrap organizers can store up to 12 rolls of Christmas gift-wrap and it can store your ribbon and bows. This is a great way to keep your wrapping paper and ribbons for those Christmas gifts organized. This type of hanging organizer will cost about $20.

Another type of Christmas wrapping paper organizer is a vertical gift wrap storage container. These storage containers are made from plastic and come with a lid. They are a bit taller than your average gift-wrap, which allows for an easy fit for all of your Christmas gift-wrap. A vertical gift-wrap organizer will hold around 16 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and will run you around $13 or a bit more.

Don't let your Christmas gift-wrap become damaged by simply discarding it in a closet when you are done with it. With one purchase of a gift-wrap organizer, you can keep your Christmas wrapping paper fresh for next year!



9/7/2011 11:14:50 AM
Lana said:

I also use the hanging wrapping paper organizer. My organizer also holds my scissors and tape. So everything you need is right there. To add to this great tip. I dont keep small scrap pieces of wrapping paper. However if there is a large enough pieces left over I will keep it. I will store it inside of the roll that it came from if there is still paper on that roll. Otherwise after all my wrapping is done I gather all the scrap pieces and I wrap them around an empty wrapping roll, starting with the smallest piece first.


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