Christmas Storage Boxes for Fragile Items

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Are there any tips for using Christmas storage boxes for fragile items?

Christmas Storage Boxes for Fragile Items

If can take a lot of time and money to put together a nice collection of fragile paper or painted glass ornaments. Since most people pick up an ornament to commemorate a birth, a new home or other life milestone, these collections also have major sentimental value. This makes properly storing your ornaments extremely important.

Of course, it's pretty obvious that using Christmas storage boxes to protect these fragile items is a good idea. However, there are a few other things you should consider when packing your ornaments for another year. To keep ornaments safe, you should:

  • Always remove metal ornament hangers and store them separately. These hangers could scratch the paint on glass ornaments and could create stains or puncture holes on paper ornaments.
  • Consider using the same techniques museums use to protect important paper items, such as wrapping them in acid free tissue paper. It is also a good idea to consider spraying handmade ornaments with a product that neutralizes the acid before packing them in the storage boxes.
  • Tuck extra tissue paper around glass ornaments to help keep them from rattling in their compartments and becoming scratched.



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