Other Christmas Storage

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What are some other Christmas storage tips?

Other Christmas Storage

Christmas always comes with lots of decorations and with lots of decorations comes lots of storage needs. What should you know when it comes to storing all of those Christmas decorations?

  • Store your Christmas decorations, including Christmas ornament storage, in clear containers. A clear container makes it easy to see what's inside the container and eliminates the need for wondering what's in that box year after year. In addition to labeling what's inside, it's a good idea to use clear containers.
  • Christmas lights can be difficult to store because they tend to get tangled up with each other when shoved into a box. Eliminate this by wrapping them around a toilet paper or paper towel cardboard roll and placing them inside of a box marked "Christmas Lights".
  • If you have garland made from beads, separate those from other decorations by placing them in their own container. Go a step further and place each string of beads in a plastic baggie inside of the container. The plastic baggie separates the strings, which means no beads to untangle each year.
  • When storing Christmas wreaths, use a box or container made especially for wreaths. You can find these at most retailers or online. This type of container helps the wreath keep its shape.



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