Make Decorating Easier With Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

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Are Christmas ornament storage boxes worth the expense?

Make Decorating Easier With Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

As you rummage through yet another jumbled box of ornaments, you decide that you need to invest in some proper Christmas ornament storage boxes. Having everything organized would make decorating for the holidays so much more quickly and easily. To set yourself up for Christmas decorating success, you should:

  • Shop for ornament boxes in several sizes. carries boxes that hold as many as 48 ornaments in separate compartments.
  • Think about how you'd like your ornaments organized. Perhaps you'd like everything that is blue in one box, while everything red would be in a different box. If you decorate by theme instead of color, perhaps it would be more sensible to have storage boxes dedicated to sea related ornaments or Santa ornaments.
  • Carefully sort all of your ornaments into piles based on the categories you decided on and then tuck them into compartments in the proper storage box. Don't forget to clearly label each box so you know what is inside without having to open the lid.
  • Stack your boxes neatly on storage shelves that are easily accessible and get ready to enjoy the fastest, easiest tree decorating session you've ever had.



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