Shake Things Up With Nontraditional Christmas Décor

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Are there any nontraditional Christmas décor options?

Shake Things Up With Nontraditional Christmas Décor

Your parents have always enjoyed decorating the house with a lovely fresh cut pine tree. However, now that you are starting a family of your own, you want to shake things up a bit and create some of your own Christmas traditions. You want nontraditional Christmas décor that makes a statement about your individuality. There has to be an artificial tree that will match your fun and creative decorating style.

Some unique tree options that look very different from traditional trees are ribbon trees, feather trees and trees with nontraditional colors.

  • Ribbon trees are made with loops of bright red, green or gold ribbons. These trees are perfect for adding a holiday ambience to small spaces. They are not quite two feet tall, but with their colorful and unique appearance, they will attract plenty of attention.
  • Feather trees are perfect for country decor or for people who like a tree that reminds them of the Charlie Brown Christmas story, but still looks attractive. At up to four feet in height, these trees are big enough to be the family's main tree and compact enough to easily fit into a small room. The limited number of branches on these trees is a plus for people who are just starting their ornament collections or for those who want to highlight a few meaningful pieces.
  • Traditional looking artificial trees in nontraditional colors are perfect for a color themed Christmas. Silver trees with pink balls, gold trees with green or blue balls or black trees with white balls are great options for someone looking for nontraditional Christmas décor.



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