Celebrate the Holidays in Warm Climates With a Tropical Themed Artificial Tree

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Are Christmas palm trees easy to decorate?

Celebrate the Holidays in Warm Climates With a Tropical Themed Artificial Tree

If you live in a place where it is sunny year-round, you may want to consider an artificial tree decorating scheme that reflects your environment instead of using one of the more traditional snowy Christmas themes.

When you decorate your tree, you can opt to use traditional garland
material, but don't be afraid to have fun utilizing decorations that reflect your surroundings. Leis, strings of shells and chains of artificial hibiscus flowers can all add a touch of local color to the tree.

You may also want to consider using ornaments with a local
theme. Fish, turtles, palm trees and alligators are great for a sea life theme. Surfboards, boats and Santas lounging in hammocks strung between palm trees are perfect for a beach theme. Don't forget to take a look at novelty Christmas lights. Sea shells and Tiki lights are just a few of the light sets with sea and beach themes that you can choose from.

For Florida sun lovers, pink flamingos are a traditional symbol. You can shop for flamingo ornaments, but why not take the theme a bit further with a few other decorations? Strings of flamingo shaped
lights or pink feather lights are a great choice, too.



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