Selecting an Artificial Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

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Are there any artificial Christmas tree options for small spaces?

Selecting an Artificial Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

If you have limited space, decorating for Christmas can be a bit frustrating. When you can barely squeeze a loveseat into a living room too small for a full sized sofa, finding room to set up a big artificial Christmas tree probably seems as likely as getting that new Viper sports car as a gift. Luckily, since quite a few people struggle with space issues, there are several smart solutions.

Half trees look just like those space hogging full size artificial trees on one side. However, on the other side, they are completely flat. This means your tree may look like it is an impressive six to eight feet around at its widest point, but it only takes up three to four feet of your valuable floor space. These trees even have a floor stand, which means you can still use that tree skirt you love and you will be able to keep up the tradition of piling the younger children's gifts under the tree.

Wall trees are another great choice for limited space. Since they literally hang on the wall, they don't use a floor stand, but they still look like a full-size tree that is tucked into a little nook or a corner.



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