Outdoor Snowflakes

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What are Outdoor Snowflakes?

Outdoor Snowflakes

If you like the look of falling snow or how the big snowflakes look as they are falling from the sky, you may like the look of outdoor snowflakes for decorating the outside of your home. These hanging rope lights are 27 inches tall and come with a loop at the top for easy hanging. The three snowflakes are blue and clear in color and are made with rope lights in the shape of snowflakes. These snowflakes are so cool that they change colors from blue to clear and back to blue over and over again, or you can choose to keep one color by using the "steady" mode on the snowflake.

You can also purchase these outdoor snowflakes in a 24-inch size, 25-inch size and 36-inch size, all with the changing color option. If you would rather, you can also hang these snowflakes inside your home, but why do that? Why not hang them where other people can see them and enjoy them?



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