Lighted Plastic Decorations

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What are Lighted Plastic Decorations?

Lighted Plastic Decorations

Many people like to dress up their lawns at Christmas time by using plastic lawn decorations. Not only do these lawn decorations look nice, but they also are plastic so they can stay out in the snow, sleet or rain that comes at Christmas and not get damaged.

Plastic Christmas lawn decorations also light up, so your neighbors can enjoy them at night, also! One really neat, lighted plastic decoration is a lighted Nativity set that is sure to decorate a lawn in a stunning manner at Christmas. You can purchase individual plastic lighted decorations that will make up the entire Nativity. Try a 30 inch plastic Holy Family that includes Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. These plastic lawn decorations require light bulbs and are electrical so you will need an outlet to plug the cord into so the light bulb lights up. If you want the Three Wise Men, you will have to spend about $45 for these important Nativity participants. These are also made of plastic and will require light bulbs and the need to plug them in.

The Nativity is not the only lighted plastic decoration available. You can find tons and tons of lighted decorations, from large plastic candles, large candy canes and various other types of lighted plastic decorations. Check with a local retailer at Christmas time to see what they have to offer.

One nice thing about these lighted plastic decorations is that you can use them either inside or outside, so you can decorate inside your home if you would rather!



12/7/2008 6:25:19 AM
Rose in New York said:

Where can I find replacement wires and light sockets for my older plastic decorations? I found a lot that were being thrown out into the garbage and recycled them.

12/8/2011 6:28:09 PM
Ed said:

How do you keep these from blowing over. I want to set them on our concrete porch.


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