Inflatable Lawn Decorations

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What are Inflatable Lawn Decorations?

Inflatable Lawn Decorations

You may have seen these cool Christmas inflatable decorations in people's yards over the holidays. You can purchase inflatable lawn decorations for holidays other than Christmas, but Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year to inflate a lawn decoration in your yard.

Many inflatable Christmas decorations resemble snow globes, you know those toys you had as a child that you shake and it looks like it is snowing. Now you can have a giant version of the snow globe in your front yard, thanks to Christmas inflatable decorations. While shopping for inflatable lawn decorations you may run into a four-foot snow globe that has a snowman and penguin inside. This inflatable Christmas decoration self-inflates with its own fan and is made of nylon to stand up to the elements. It even comes with stakes to help hold it in place.

If you want something even bigger, you can think about purchasing an eight-foot inflatable snow globe with three cute snowmen standing inside the globe surrounded by blowing snow.

If you would rather have something other than a snow globe, why not look into a six-foot inflatable Disney lawn decoration? This cute inflatable lawn decoration features Mickey and Minnie in a sleigh with Pluto acting as a reindeer pulling them along. This Christmas inflatable decoration is made of nylon and easily inflates on its own.

Each year inflatables progress in their features. The newest ones feature animated elements.



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