Precious Moments

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What are Precious Moments and do They Have Christmas?

Precious Moments

Precious Moments, just about everyone has heard of them, many of you may have one or even a collection in your home. These collectible figurines are made of bisque porcelain and share a message of faith, love and hope to all who see them. The collection is inspired by the art of Sam Butcher and the first figures were created close to 30 years ago. His Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO is a "must visit" for any avid collector.

If you collect Precious Moments or know someone who does, have you thought about adding to the collection with Precious Moments made just for Christmas?

Precious Moments has an entire set of the Nativity that you can collect and display at Christmas time. These wonderful little pieces help depict the birth of Jesus with Precious Moments characters. Pieces such as the sleeping baby Jesus will cost about $20 and the cute little donkey will cost about $33. You can also purchase the nine main Nativity pieces that include the Holy Family, the shepherds and their flock, for about $140. This Precious Moments Nativity is a special way to celebrate the birth of Christ.

If you are interested, you may also want to look into Christmas ornaments featuring Precious Moments characters. You can purchase a stone resin Christmas ornament, such as a girl and her cat enjoying some cookies. Don't forget to also purchase Christmas Precious Moments figurines like Scatter Joy that depicts a cute little girl checking her mailbox that is stuffed with Christmas greetings, or the Merry Christmas to Ewe figurine featuring a little girl holding two sheep.



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dios bendiga peroa mi me encantan y busco para de coral el bizcocho del primer ano de mi nieto.


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