Other Christmas Collectibles

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What are Some Other Christmas Collectibles?

Other Christmas Collectibles

With so many different Christmas collectibles out there today, it is hard to list every single kind. Let's face it, that list could go on and on. There are some other Christmas collectibles that have yet to be mentioned that are quite popular.

Some very popular Christmas collectibles are the Cherished Teddies. Cherished Teddies are made from drawings that Priscilla Hillman created. Cherished Teddies represent what is best about childhood. Cherished Teddies are as the name describes: adorable teddy bear figurines in various vignettes and motifs. One of the best things about childhood is celebrating Christmas and Cherished Teddies has Christmas figurines. How about the "Dear Santa" Cherished Teddy which shows a boy bear writing his Christmas list to Santa telling him how good he has been this year.

Another great Cherished Teddy Christmas collectible are the Cherished Teddies Christmas ornaments for Baby's First Christmas. Choose from a Cherished Teddy baby boy's first Christmas or a baby girl's first Christmas.

Another very popular Christmas collectible line is the Fontanini nativity collection. Different sizes are available, ranging from 5" to 12" and pieces can be added to your nativity display annually. Each comes with a story card box. Pieces in the 5" collection start around $15 for Nativity story characters and $5 on up for stable animals. Fontanini figurines have been around for about 40 years by the family of Fontanini from Bagni di Lucca, Italy. These Christmas figurines are made of formulated polymer and are not supposed to break or chip. These gorgeous hand painted figurines are sure to add to your Christmas decor. You can choose a Fontanini Nativity Collection, which features individual pieces to complete the Nativity.



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